Your Commercial Driver Pit Stop

Get Your CDL and Land the Perfect Job

Do you want to make GOOD MONEY and have the freedom of being YOUR OWN BOSS? Time to get your commercial driver’s license! Supply chains are growing and the demand for fast and efficient drivers is growing along with them. A study done by the Driver Shortage Blue Ribbon Task Force is reporting a shortage of 33000 truck drivers by the year 2020. Now is your chance to start a new career as a commercial driver!

Toronto Rideshare: The 5 Driving Platforms That You Need To Know About

Toronto rideshare platforms have been active since Uber’s grand entrance in early 2012. Uber has since held their spot as the dominant rideshare app, with the only real competition being the taxi industry. Now, in late 2017, new competitors will be on the road com read more

Learn How to Drive for RideCo: The Uber Alternative in Kitchener

Rideshare drivers of Kitchener, meet RideCo. Now there is an alternative to Uber in Kitchener. If you’re an Uber driver you may want see if you meet RideCo driver and vehicle requirements and earn some extra money. With Uber dominating the rideshare market, you ha read more

Instaryde Toronto: Guide to Instaryde Driver Requirements

InstaRyde is set to launch December 1, 2017 but it is not new to the ridesharing business. In 2014, the Toronto tech startup tried to give Uber a run for their money on their home turf. The company started operations in Toronto & Mississauga and then shifted its bus read more

Facedrive Toronto: Guide to Facedrive Driver Requirements

Move over Uber! Toronto is about to welcome its second ever rideshare platform to the city. Since their introduction to the Toronto transportation scene in 2014, Uber has held the number one spot when it comes to “taxi” rides. Now, they face new competition read more

What Are The Requirements To Be An UberX or UberXL Driver In Canada?

Do you have a coworker who keeps mentioning how much extra money she is making from Uber? She tells you how easy it is to make a few extra bucks on the way home! Maybe you have a friend or a brother who is also taking advantage of the rideshare economy and spends their read more

Driving for Uber and Other Rideshare Companies

Want to set your own hours and work at your own pace? Rideshare is the way to go! Uber is currently the only passenger service in Canada and they are only operating in a few select cities. If driving others around is not your thing, you can always sign up with a food courier company such as UberEATS, or Skip the Dishes. Whether you’re picking up people, or dropping off dinner, rideshare can be quite a lucrative venture.