BC Commercial Drivers License Class 1 Practice Test 1

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BC Class 1 Practice Test 1

A 20 question practice test to help prepare you for the Class 1 knowledge test in British Columbia

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When is a pre-trip inspection required?

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Doing this will put unnecessary strain on your vehicles braking system.

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What type of license do you need to driver a semi trailer?

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How many off duty hours must a driver have in a day?

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What happens to the air valve when you press down the brake?

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When inspecting an air brake system, the person inspecting should wear?

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What gauges should you check after starting your vehicle?

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When a school bus is stopped, how far back must you keep your vehicle?

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When towing a trailer, you will usually be able to tell if it is employing ABS by?

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What does this sign mean?

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What does this red sign mean?

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What does this sign tell you?

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What should a trailer hand valve be used for?

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The best way to reduce rough and abrupt braking is to?

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Before driving down a grade (hill), you should?

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Don't use the differential lock when __________?

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What does this sign tell you?

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What must you do at a stop sign with a painted stop line?

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What is the purpose of the National Safety Code?

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When backing up a to a trailer, align the 5th wheel slot with?

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