These Are The Best Car Phone Mounts For Uber and Lyft Drivers

Since Uber comes in the form of an app, drivers need a way to mount their phone. This allows them to keep their hands free to steer the car and their attention on the road. The best car phone mount for Uber and Lyft will keep your phone secure, stable and easily accessible while driving passengers. Delivery drivers can also benefit from a mount, allowing them to see the delivery route and remove their phone quickly to deliver the goods.

Below, we’ll take you through the different styles of car phone mounts and we’ll show you some of our favourites.

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Why Do Drivers Need a Phone Mount?

The two most important reasons are safety and professionalism. After the two big reasons comes convenience. You want your phone to be accessible enough that you can accept and confirm rides. Let’s talk about why safety, professionalism and convenience are tops.

Uber car phone mounts are needed
Don’t use your phone while driving, get a phone mount for Uber!


Most jurisdictions (and common sense) state that drivers are not allowed to use their phone while driving. This means no picking up your phone to accept rides or looking down to check the route of the trip. Mounting your phone on the dashboard is the best way to remain compliant and safe. It puts your phone right at your level so you can keep your eyes on the road. Keeping your passenger and yourself safe at all times is your top priority.


When you install accessories like car phone mounts in your rideshare vehicle, you contribute to your professional image. Riders see phone mounts and sees that the driver cares about their job enough to invest in making it better. Riders like professional drivers as it gives them the confidence that they will have a fantastic trip. Fantastic trips lead to high ratings and if you’re “Uber”-lucky some high tips as well!


With your phone connected to the dashboard, it is right up their with the rest of the controls. Accepting a ride is as easy as tapping the screen quickly. Taking a quick glance at the route can also be done quickly before taking off. The more time you save you and your passenger the better. When your phone is sitting in the cupholder or laying on the seat next to you it’s hard to see whats on screen. You may accidentally tap when picking up the phone to look, even worse you may get into an accident.

What Types of Car Phone Mounts Are There?

Car phone mounts come in three basic forms: Cradle, Magenetic, and Side-mount. Each has their own use and you should find the one that suits you the best. Cradles can be great for ridershare drivers, but the quick release of a magnetic mount may be best for a delivery driver.

Cradle phone mounts

Cradle phone mounts are usually bigger and bulkier. They keep the phone save and secure at all times while driving. Some even lock into place. These are ideal for rideshare drivers as they are not constantly moving their phones around. These types of mounts can be mounted on the dashboard, placed in a cup holder, or attached to the cars vent. Again, each method of mount depends on vehicle type and driver preference. Find out where you want to place your phone mount and choose from their.

Magnetic phone mounts

Magnetic mounts are great for a quick release, making them optimal for delivery drivers. Because the drivers are always getting in and out of their vehicles and taking their phones with them. They are quick and easy to install, usually there is a case for the phone with a magentic back and a mount for the car. The magnets hold each piece together when they are mounted which allows for a quick release. The mounts can be installed onto the car in similar ways that the cradle mounts are. Either with a sticky pad on the dashboard, or clipped into the vent, or even resting in the cupholder.

Sideways phone mounts

Side mounts are great for drivers using third party GPS applications on their phones. These units allow a drivers phone to be mounted sideways, which often times drivers prefer. That way they can see more of the map on the GPS. These types of mounts come in the form of rotatable vent clips, dashboard mounts, as well as cradle style mounts.

The best car phone mounts will mount to the dashboard

Best Cradles and Non-Magnetic Phone Mounts

Cradle phone mounts are the absolute best way to go for rideshare drivers. Most of the time their phones are stationed in the mount, which means they do not necessarily need a quick release method. Gooseneck cradles make it super easy for drivers with SUV’s or Cross-overs to mount their phones in a cupholder. While, extendable mounts that stick right onto the dashboard are also available and can look quite awesome!

Gooseneck Car Cup Holder Phone Mount


  • 28-inch long flexible gooseneck.
  • Easy to install clamp can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, wall cabinet.
  • The width between 1.18 inch to 3.54 inch.
  • 360 Degree Rotation – 360 degree rotation ball design for any angle of viewing, you can put your smartphone in vertically or horizontally.
  • Universal mount works with most Smartphones
  • Long, flexible arm allows you to position it in different angles, heights and distances
  • Made of high quality aluminum-magnesium alloy
  • Hands free, reading, watching movies, very convenient.
  • V type design clip has more solid protection for phone.
  • Strong support universal hose can be changed angle arbitrarily.
  • Watching movies or listening to music on your bed, a table or desk.
  •  A phone mount for your car; the flexible arm allows for just about any mounting position.


  • Spring loaded locking system
  • Adjustable so that it works with all iPhones and almost all other smartphones
  • Strong sticky gel pad
  • Adjustable arm


  • When it is super-hot outside sticky gel pad does not work all that well 

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Universal Carbon Panel Car Phone Mount


  • Simple Use – You can easily install and pull out the phone while driving.
  • Compatibility  – Our air vent car phone holder is universal and compatible with all models of smartphones and cases
  • Full Protection– Foldable holding feet make it easy to charge your mobile phone while it is in the holder.
  • Extra Secure – It guarantees that your smartphone will not fall out while driving.
  • Soft and wear-resistant.
  • Can effectively protect the mobile phone. 
  • The back of the mobile phone will be well protected 
  • The second-speed pressure switch is more stable 
  • The instrument panel / front glass can be folded and retractable 
  • The bracket can be telescopically extended and up to 21.5cm 
  • The hands-free telephone corner can reach the telescopic rotation angle of 210 degrees 
  • It can meet the different needs of using the anti-skid device without hurting the mobile phone.


  • Versatile and simple mounting feature
  • Incredibly stable
  • Compatible with various iPhone models
  • Adjustable cradle position


  • Can lose suction on hot days

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2 in 1 Dashboard & Windshield Car Phone Holder


  • Simple Hand Using – You can easily install and pull out the phone while driving.
  • Compatible With Any Smartphone – Our air vent car phone holder is universal and compatible with all models of smartphones and cases
  • Extra Secure – Smartphone holder is easily installed and holds tightly, which guarantees that your smartphone will not fall out while driving.
  • Full Protection Of Your Phone – Foldable holding feet make it easy to charge your mobile phone while it is in the holder.
  • Both the company and the product name Universal Car Windshield mount is a well-reviewed choice that won’t break the bank.
  • Capable of fitting any smartphone with a display of up to 6.1 inches.
  • The 360-degree clip design attaches directly to a windshield.


  • Very small yet durable
  • Works with all iPhones including the iPhone Plus
  • 360 degree rotation


  • Does not have an extension arm
  • Smartphone will be exposed directly to hot air

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Best Magnetic Car Phone Mounts

Magnetic car phone mounts make it super easy for drivers to take their phones when leaving the car. A must-have for delivery drivers who are constantly running in and out of restaurants with their phones.

Magnetic mounts usually come with a mount that attaches to the car and a case for the phone. Both the case and the phone mount will have a magnet which keeps the phone connected to the mount while driving. Many of these mounts are rotatable or extendable as well.

If you think a magnetic mount is the way to go, check out three of our favourites below!

Amoner Magnetic Air Vent Phone Holder


  • Compatibility of Wide Ranging – It can be extended up to 3.7inches/95mm from 2.2inches/55mm. Suitable for Samsung Galaxy S10 S9 S8 S7 S6, Google Nexus 5/4, Nokia iPhone X 8 7 6s 6 5s SE, , HTC and all GPS devices.
  • Super Sticky Gel Pad – Its extreme sticky gel pad ensures car mount to steadily and safely stay on your dashboard during driving. It attracts any phone to it quickly. Regardless of road vibrations, it keeps your smartphone securely in place. It is one of the best phone mounts.
  • Telescopic Arm – The arm between the mount and the holder can be extended from 4 to 6.5 inches, which is very convenient. It adjusts the distance between you and the holder.
  • Easy to Use – Easy to grip and modest release button for smartphones. One locking lever for installing and removing the car mount. Moreover, one release button for inserting and removing the phone one-handed.
  • 12-Month Warranty: If there is any product quality issue or any problems, enjoys 12-month warranty for a new replacement or refund.
  •  Stable Design: Two supporting feet designed to keep the car holder tight. And stabilized on the air vent. It reduces stress of vent. Adjustable swivel ball head supports full 360 degree rotation for perfect viewing angle; with the screw nut, you can keep the magnetic phone holder from dropping down.
  •  Easy Operating system: Easily flip to install or remove the car phone mount from air vent within a second. You can take your cell phone with one hand.
  •  Universal Compatibility: Fits most cellphones including iPhone XS Max XS X 8 8plus 7 7plus 6S 6 6plus SE, iPod Touch; Galaxy S10 S9 S8, Galaxy note9, note8, note 6 5 4 and so on. 


  • Works with all iPhones
  • Adjustable arm
  • Can be mounted on the dashboard or windshield
  • 360 rotation


  • Becomes flimsy when fully extended

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Miracase Universal Car Phone Holder


  • Won’t Block Your View: it is designed to stay at a good place which can offer you a nice version.  Here you can adjust your phone to the optimal viewing position. Won’t block your view and provide you with safer driving.
  • With 6 Pcs Strong Magnets: Made up with 6 pcs super strong power magnets, your phone or pad won’t fall down during driving.
  • Widely Available: Miracase is best car phone holder in the market. It mount can be used at many different places in your car, such as the left part or middle part of your window shield, the top and the bottom of your dashboard. This car phone mount can be adjust by 3 knots, turn any angles as your like
  • Useful for a Thick Case: We give you a transparent film for put the iron on your thick case’s back, neither the phone will fall down nor your case with be defect. 
  • Weight: 130g only 
  • 360 Days Warranty: Miracase offers the mount 360 days guarantee.
  • Strong Sticky Cup : Miracase car phone mount stand adopts the heat-resistant gel adhesives to make sure the suction cup sticks tightly on the dashboard, windshield, desk, and more. No need to worry about it will melt. The additional dashboard pad makes sure the phone holder can work with an uneven surface.


  • Dashboard mount design
  • Strong magnet that keeps the phone safe
  • Works with other types of smartphones
  • Easy to install


  • Inconsistent quality. Some users report that their sticky pad is not sticky enough

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Penom Cell Phone Holder


  • Universal phone Mount – Suitable for width size from 1.9″ to 3.7inch smart phone. 
  • Phone Holder – With quick release button on back of cradle, simplify installation and removal of smart phones.
  • Sturdy Car Mount for Cell Phone – Regardless of road vibrations or impacts, high quality rubber construction of the base guarantees the base will solidly hold the mount.
  • Freely 360 Rotation– Highly-flexible rotations provide comfortable viewing angles. Position your phone at the perfect angle to enjoy a more relaxing and safer drive.
  • Air Vent Phone Holder– Warranty your 100% Satisfactions, Zero Risk. Life-time friendly customer service.
  • Stronger Phone Mount – Upgraded version for STURDY air vent cell phone holder makes it best phone mount for car. 
  • Installation process – Simply to clip it to the air vent, Just so EASY. Single hand can put your phone in place in 1 Second.


  • Can hold various iPhone models
  • Simple to install
  • Keeps phone steady
  • Can change angle of cradle
  • Release feature


  • Can obstruct air flow from vents

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Sideways Mounts for a Wider Screen View

While the Uber driver app doesn’t seem to want to go sideways or perform well sideways, some drivers like to use third party GPS apps. These apps are best displayed sideways to give the driver better visibility on the route. Mounts for sideways phones are available in many different styles. Here are three of the best mounts we found for rideshare drivers.

UGREEN Car Phone Mount


  • Enhanced Security:  Ugreen Car Phone Mount can securely hold your phones/tablets with the secure two clips strongly holding against air vent blades. The inside textured and soft rubber padding of the car mount cradle protects your device from scratching and slipping. 
  • Universal Compatibility: This air vent car mount phone holder is compatible with most major brands and devices with 3.5″-6.5″ screen size (diagonal), including smartphones (like iPhone 7/6/6 Plus/5S, Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S6/S5/Note 4/3, Google Nexus 6/5, LG G5, Nokia, Xperia, Moto, HTC, Blackberry), tablet, GPS and portable music players on the market.
  • Perfect Road Companion: This air vent cell phone holder for car is your best companion on the road. 
  • Easy Call Handling: Hands-Free phone experience is good for your road safety. 
  • The Perfect view: No need to obstruct your view or use extra space with standard dash or window. 
  • GPS made easy: Enjoy clear view of the GPS for easy and quick A-Z navigation. 
  • Streaming Music: Enjoy your travel on the road. 
  • Flexible 360 degree Rotation & Swivel: With 360 degree ball joint system, you can have multiple viewing angles, fit for your driving situation. You can easily switch it between landscape and portrait orientations whenever required. 
  • Easy installation every time: Completely cradle-less and tool-free design: one-hand mounting with easy quick-snap installation in seconds.
  • Broad Compatibility: This car phone holder works perfectly with 3.5 to Max 6.5 inch smartphones like iPhone X Max XR X 8 Plus 7 6 6s 5 SE, Samsung Galaxy S10 S10+ S10e S9+ S9 S8 Note9 Note8 S7 S6 Edge and so on.


  • Convenient to place a smartphone in and out of the mount.
  • Cost effective, great value, 2-pack
  • Allows for rotating your phone
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Installation using your car’s air vent takes less than 3 minutes
  • Sleek-finished design aesthetics 


  • When you remove your phone, sometimes the clamp unlatches from the vent
  • Weak clamp grip on the vent

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iVoler Car Phone Mount


  • Fits many types of smartphone on market, which the diagonal screen size from 3.2″-6.0″.
  • Adjustable clamp can hold up to 3.54 inches for width.
  • Shockproof design, providing a stable viewing environment and adjustable size secure from falling.
  • Easy installation no need tools. Strong suction with Three layer,perfect to your car.
  • Full 360 degree rotation. you can adjust best position for your driving.
  • Extremely Strong Suction with switch for quick use.
  • iVoler UPDATE VERSION 6 Inches Long Arm/Neck Car Mount With Strong Suction of Three layers and X Clamp, provide you perfect viewing angle while driving your vehicle. Compatible with iPhone X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus 6 6Plus 5 SE , Galaxy S5 S6 S7 S8, Google, LG, Huawei and almost all for any device’s diagonal screen between 3.2–6.0 inches.


  • 360-degree rotation
  • Long flexible arm
  • Affordable price


  • Non-refundable

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Universal Air Vent Car Phone Mount


  • Compatible With Any Smartphone – Our air vent car phone holder is universal and compatible with all models of smartphones and cases
  • 360 Degree Rotation – The fully 360-degree rotation of a cell phone car mount provides the best viewing angle.
  • Extra Secure –  smartphone holder is easily installed and holds tightly, which guarantees that your smartphone will not fall out while driving.
  • Universal Clip – the rotating clip securely mounts onto any type of vent
  • Travel Stand – Insert any card from your wallet into the rotating clip. 
  • Three settings options to fit onto car air vents of different thickness
  • Maximizes convenience with 360 degree view rotation ball joint
  • Release button for more convenient operation
  • Separation design to enjoy the fun of charging while using Ivoler car holder.
  • Silicone layer to protect your devices from scratching
  • Compatibility for iPhone SE/ iPhone 6s/ 6/ 5/ 5s/ 5c; Samsung; Motorola; LG; HTC; Nokia; BlackBerry and more android smartphones; GPS devices.
  • It may be a little heavy for the 5.5” devices with a hard case cover or wallet.
  • Easy Installation.


  • Convenient to place a smartphone in and out of the mount.
  • Cost effective, great value, 2-pack
  • Allows for rotating your phone
  • Compatible with all smartphones
  • Installation using your car’s air vent takes less than 3 minutes
  • Sleek-finished design aesthetics


  • When you remove your phone, sometimes the clamp unlatches from the vent.
  • Weak clamp grip on the vent.

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A good phone mount makes all the difference in the world, keeping your phone secure as well as giving you a professional look. Car phone mounts are definitely a must have for any rideshare driver, keeping you both legal and safe.