The Best Delivery Apps to Make Money, Which Should You Choose?

Delivery apps have given a whole new meaning to the term ‘gig economy’. With these apps, anyone with a vehicle and a smartphone can become a delivery driver and earn money on their schedule.

There are a lot of different delivery apps out there, but which one is the best for making money? To help you make the right choice, we’ve put together a list of the best delivery apps to make money, based on factors like pay rate, ease of use, and availability of work.


Doordash is one of the best-known delivery apps and is above the 50% mark when it comes to delivery app market share. The company started in 2013 and originated in San Francisco.

What makes Doordash so special? Below we will go over multiple factors when it comes to why Doordash is one of our top picks.

What Are The Requirements To Become a Doordash Driver?

The first thing you need to become a Doordash driver is to be at least 18 years old. You will also need to have a valid driver’s license, insurance, and access to a vehicle that is eligible for the service. Lastly, you need to have a smartphone that is compatible with the app.

How Much Does Doordash Pay?

DoorDash pays its Dashers a base rate per order, which can range from $2-10+ depending on the estimated time and distance needed for individual delivery. The longer distance that is required in deliveries means that payment will be higher than less glamorous ones. If a customer leaves a tip, the base pay will stay the same and not be affected by the tip.

On top of this Doordash also has an incentives program where dashers can earn more for areas that are in high demand for deliveries. This can be a great way to make more money, but it should be noted that these areas are not always available.

Sometimes they pay as high as $10 extra per delivery for a certain amount of time to get drivers in the area, but in most cases, you’ll see incentives ranging from $1-$5.

How Do Doordash Drivers Get Paid?

Doordash pays its drivers once a week via direct deposit. The company also offers an instant pay option that allows you to cash out your earnings daily for a small fee of $1.99.

How Much Do Doordash Drivers Get Paid?

On average it is said that Doordash earns drivers over the minimum wage. It’s impossible to give an exact number for how much you will earn because every market is different. Also, if you use a car you’ll earn more than if you use a scooter or a bike (in most cases).

If you want to put a number to it, Indeed states the average pay for Doordash is $16.17 per hour with the low being $7.25 and the high being $35.05.

Is DoorDash Easy To Sign Up For?

Doordash is very easy to get hired on with. The sign-up process is pretty straightforward and if you have all the required documents, you could be making deliveries within a couple of days.

The only thing that might hold some people back is the background check, but in most cases, it usually gets accepted almost right away. Depending on your criminal history, this could take a little longer to get cleared. But as long as you don’t have any serious offenses on your record, you should be fine.

Do You Have To Wait For Your Activation Kit To Get Started?

You don’t even need to wait for your activation kit to get started with Doordash. Once you pass your background check and complete the sign-up process, you can start accepting orders right away.

The activation kit comes with a heat-sealed bag and a welcome pamphlet, but it’s not necessary to start deliveries.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Working For Doordash?

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of Doordash, let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of working for them.


  • One of the first pros of Doordash is flexibility. The app allows you to set your schedule and work as much or as little as you want.
  • The second is higher pay than minimum wage. The fact that you can earn higher than minimum wage at any time you want is a big perk.
  • Lastly, when you get tipped on Doordash you get to keep 100% of the tips which is a great way to increase your earnings.


  • The first con is that you have to pay for your gas. This can eat into your earnings, so it’s important to factor that in when you’re deciding whether or not to take a job.
  • The second is that the work can be unpredictable. There might be times when there are no orders available or you might get a bunch of orders all at once. This can be frustrating, but it’s something you have to deal with when working for a delivery app.
  • The third is that you might have to deliver to unsafe areas. This is a big concern for many people and it’s something you should consider before signing up to be a Dasher.

Is DoorDash worth driving?

All in all, Doordash is a great way to make some extra money. The pros outweigh the cons and as long as you’re aware of the potential risks, we think it’s a great gig for anyone looking for some flexibility in their work schedule.


Instacart is a bit different from Doordash, in that you’re not delivering the food yourself. Instead, you’re picking up groceries from the store and then delivering them to the customer’s house.

If you’re someone who enjoys going grocery shopping, then this might be the gig for you.

What Are The Requirements To Become an Instacart Worker?

You need to be able to work in the United States. The second requirement is that you need to be at least 18 years of age. You need a reliable vehicle. A newer smartphone so you can have compatibility with the app. Last but not least you need to be able to lift 50 pounds of weight yourself.

Is It Easy To Become an Instacart Shopper?

The signup process is very similar and quick just like most of the other food delivery apps. You’ll need to enter your personal information such as your name, email, phone number, and address. They will do a background check on you and when the background check clears you will be good to go and can start shopping for orders.

What Is The Pay Model For Instacart?

Shoppers get paid per batch that they complete and you’re guaranteed to get at least $10 per batch. It is said that the average per batch is around $15-$20 per batch.

How Much Do Instacart Shoppers Make?

According to Indeed, the average hourly rate for an Instacart delivery driver is $19.29 per hour which is very good.

What Are Some of The Pros and Cons Of Instacart?

Pros :

  • Flexible schedules are the number one perk for people who choose to work for Instacart. You can set your hours and work around your schedule which is great for those who have other commitments such as school or another job. Just make sure you set good hours, grocery shopping peaks during the early mornings till about 2 pm, and then again from 5 pm to 8 pm.
  • A second perk is that you don’t drive as much as other delivery drivers. Since you’re picking up the groceries from the store and then delivering them to the customer’s house, you don’t have to worry about driving around as much which can save on gas.
  • Once you get to know the stores you can get efficient and make money much faster.
  • Lastly, you can get to know foods a little bit better which can benefit you at home.

Cons :

  • Customer support is hard to get a hold of. If you have any problems with the app or a customer, it can be difficult to get in touch with someone who can help you.
  • The job is very physically demanding. You have to be able to lift 50 pounds by yourself and walk around the store for long periods. This can be difficult for some people, especially if you have any physical limitations.
  • The job can be very stressful at times. If you’re not efficient, you can end up taking a long time to complete a batch which can lead to lower ratings and less money.

Is Instacart Worth It?

We think so! Overall, we think Instacart is a great gig for anyone looking for some flexibility in their schedule. The pay is good and the hours are flexible, so you can work around your other commitments. Just be aware of the potential stressors that come with the job and make sure you’re physically able to do it.


A part of Uber services, Uber Eats is one of the most popular food delivery apps. It’s available in many, many cities around the world and it’s continuing to grow. The best part? You can make great money with it.

If you’re already an Uber driver the good part is you can seamlessly start delivering for UberEats as well, making it a great way to boost your earnings.

Comfort Gadgets for Drivers

Comfort is key for any driver spending extended hours behind the wheel. Consider a seat cushion with lumbar support or a heated blanket for those chilly Canadian nights. A portable back massager can ease tension and muscle fatigue, ensuring they arrive at their destination feeling refreshed.

What Are The Requirements To Become an Uber Eats Driver?

The first thing is you must be 19 years older. This is one year older than most other food delivery apps.

If you want to use a bike you just have to be 18. Keep in mind a bike should only be used in select cities where it makes sense.

You need to have a valid driver’s license. You also need to be insured under the vehicle you will be using to make deliveries.

They have a 30-pound rule where you need to be able to handle deliveries of up to 30 pounds.

Any major traffic violations or felonies could potentially keep you from becoming an Uber Eats driver. To prove all of this, you will need to pass a background check.

Is It Easy To Become an UberEats Delivery Driver?

Once you go through the easy sign-up process and are approved you will get access to the driver app.

From there it is pretty straightforward to start picking up deliveries and getting paid for them.

If you are already an Uber Driver as stated above it is even easier since you will already have the app and be familiar with it.

How Much Do Uber Eats Drivers Make?

According to Indeed, UberEats drivers make $19.56 per hour with the low being $7.25 and the high being $42.00.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Uber Eats?


  • The first pro which is the same as most delivery services is flexibility. You can log in and out whenever you want and there are no set hours. You just deliver when you want to deliver.
  • The second one is that you will be able to keep 100% of all tips given to you by customers. This is a great way to increase your earnings.
  • Lastly, there are many incentives when it comes to working for Uber Eats. They are always looking for ways to keep their drivers happy and motivated.


  • Waiting times for Uber Eats seem to be a little bit longer than other delivery apps.
  • The next con is that you won’t know your destination until you get there. This can make you feel vulnerable especially if you’re in an unfamiliar area.
  • Lastly, vehicle expenses can also add up. If you’re using your car you have to worry about things like gas and maintenance.

Is Uber Eats Worth It?

Uber Eats is worth it if you’re looking to make some extra money. It’s a great way to boost your earnings, especially if you’re already an Uber driver. The pay is good and it’s a pretty easy gig.

Of course, there are downsides like with anything else. You are essentially working for yourself so there are no set hours. This can be good or bad depending on how you look at it. You also have to deal with the elements if you’re doing it by bike which can be tough in some cities.

All in all, Uber Eats is a great way to make some extra money. If you’re looking for a gig that is pretty easy and pays well, this is it.


Grubhub is one of the most popular food delivery apps and for good reason. It’s easy to use, it’s available in many cities, and it’s a great way to make money.

What Are The Requirements To Become a Grubhub Driver?

The first thing you need is to be 21 years or older. You also need to have a valid driver’s license and insurance.

You will need to pass a background check as well. Major traffic violations or felonies could disqualify you from becoming a driver.

Is It Easy To Become a Grubhub Driver?

Signing up is pretty easy and once you’re approved you will have access to the driver app.

The app is pretty straightforward to use. You will be able to see all of the available orders in your area and you can choose which ones you want to deliver.

Communication and Phone Mounts

Safety on the road is paramount, and a sturdy phone mount is a must-have for drivers who rely on navigation apps or need hands-free communication. Look for mounts that attach securely to the dashboard or windshield and are adjustable to accommodate different phone sizes.

How Much Do Grubhub Drivers Make?

According to Indeed Grubhub drivers make $17.72 per hour with a low of $7.70 and a high of $31.70.

What Are The Pros and Cons Of Grubhub?


  • The payment info isn’t just an estimate. It tells you everything you need to know upfront.
  • You can go on and start delivering whenever you want
  • There are a lot of different driver incentives. You can move up to a pro driver and lastly, you can move up to premier where you will get more opportunities and make more money.


  • When you first start, being you are only at the partner level, you will not have access to the same number of orders as a pro driver. So when you’re starting it’s better to be a Doordash or UberEats driver.
  • To move up you need to have a good acceptance rate. If you don’t accept certain deliveries you will have a problem moving up and getting more deliveries.
  • It doesn’t show the exact mileage that you’re driving for each order, it just shows the pay.
  • Customer support may be difficult to reach.

Is Grubhub Worth it?

Grubhub is a great way to make some extra money. It’s flexible and you can work whenever you want. The pay is good and if you move up to pro or premier driver you will have access to more orders and make even more money.

Grubhub just like the other apps is constantly changing and adding new features which is a good thing because they are always improving.

Which Is The Best App To Make Money?

Although certain apps make more per hour on average than others. There’s much more to take into consideration when it comes to which ones are the best to make money for you!

The biggest thing you need to take into consideration is your market. If you live in a rural area it might be hard to make good money with any of these apps. The reason is there just aren’t that many people and delivery opportunities.

On the other hand, if you live in a city or close to one the best thing for you to do is try each one and see which one you do the best with.

Don’t Always Make It About The Money

In most cases, all of these apps will be similar in how much you make per hour. This is why you shouldn’t base everything on that. Instead, take a look at the other factors such as how easy it is to use the app, customer service, and more.

Which Delivery App Is the Easiest To Use?

With all apps being pretty similar in pay and getting started with, let’s go over which one is the best and easiest to use.

At this time it seems as if the user interface for drivers is the best on Grubhub. Doordash is simple but has common glitches and UberEats can be difficult to navigate.

Lastly, Instacart has the biggest learning curve because you need to learn how to replace items, deal with customer service, and more.

You also need to learn how to check out and this can be difficult for some people when they’re first getting started.

Can You Use Two Apps At The Same Time?

If you’re looking to make the most money possible you can use two apps at the same time.

This can help to boost your earnings, especially during busy times when there are a lot of delivery requests.

Of course, this isn’t for everyone and can be difficult to coordinate. But if you’re up for the challenge it’s worth it!

Tips To Using Two Delivery Apps At The Same Time

The first thing you need to do is make sure you have two separate devices. This can be a smartphone and a tablet or two smartphones.

If you’re using two smartphones it’s important to have one that is on the larger side. This will make it easier to juggle both apps and manage your deliveries.

Another thing to keep in mind is that not all delivery apps are available in every city. So you’ll need to do your research to see which ones are available where you live.

When you receive a delivery request on one app, you’ll want to quickly check the other app to see if there are any requests in the same area. If there are, you can choose to do both deliveries and make more money!

If there isn’t you need to shut off the second app for the time being while you complete the first delivery.

Remember to stay focused and not to bite off more than you can chew. It’s important to complete each delivery on time so you have a good rating.


We hope this blog post gives you everything you need to know about the best delivery apps to make money. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below!

Also if you have any experience with using delivery apps tell us which one you like the best.

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