Lyft or Uber Sign? Here Are The Best Beacons and Backseat Signage

Riders often have a difficult time finding their Uber or Lyft driver when they are picked up in a busy area. Having an Uber sign or a Lyft beacon can help your riders easily identify your vehicle. Especially if you make it unique!

Rideshare has become popular very quickly; because of the convenience for riders and for the drivers ability to earn some cash. Any driver can sign up as long as they meet the minimum driver and vehicle requirements. This means that there are a lot of standard vehicles out there picking up passengers.

Learn how to help you PAX identify your car in a sea of potential rideshare vehicles.

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Why Should A Driver Use An Uber Sign Or Beacon?

For a rider, trying to locate their Uber or Lyft can be challenging in a busy area. Each car looks like a regular car and their never really sure if the vehicle slowing down in front of them is their Uber or just someone stopping at the curb. Although Uber and Lyft give riders the details of the car, the license plate, and the name, finding their rideshare driver can sometimes still be challenging.

Make it easy for riders to find you with a Lyft or Uber sign

Drivers can make this really easy for passengers. The first step is to aim to earn a Beacon from either Uber or Lyft. These beacons usually connect to the application and lets riders choose the colour of the beacon. Making pick up super easy!

What if you haven’t earned your beacon yet?

If you haven’t yet earned your beacon, you can always pick one up online. The best Uber and Lyft signs are the ones that light up and look good. Uber signs from Amazon usually come with a mount for your windshield. The mount sticks to the window using 3M sticky tape or foam tape. The best Uber or Lyft signs are battery powered with USB charging. This means you don’t have to run cables to your beacon and you can charge it on the go.

Some drivers prefer to us a vinyl window cling to let riders know they are an Uber or Lyft. These are usually made of clear vinyl with the logo printed on the vinyl. Vinyl clings come of easily and do not leave residue or marks on the windshield.

What about when your passenger has already found you and you are mid-trip already? You can get signs for your backseat that let your PAX know you are there to go above and beyond for them. Find a sign that also reminds them to give you a top notch rating for the top notch service you provided.

Questions To Ask Before Buying a Rideshare Sign

It is important to get the rideshare signage that works for you. Each driver and each car works differently. You may prefer an LED sign, you may not like the glow in the windshield. Below are a few questions you should ask yourself before buying a ridershare beacon or in car signage.

How will a beacon or Uber sign affect my rating?

Ratings are all about customer experience. Provide a good one and your passenger will give you a good rating. Your part in the customer experience starts right from the moment the passenger clicks “Request a Ride”. Having a beacon on your car allows the passenger to find you quickly when you arrive at the pick up location. This ensures that your passenger has a positive experience right from the start.

Having in car signage lets your passenger know that you have things like charging cables, snacks, music, or a good conversation! The signs can also remind your passengers to give you a good rating score if they had a good experience.

Is a beacon or sign worth it?

In our opinion, Yes! The rideshare beacon in your window boost your professional image and will give a rider more confidence in their trip. Riders are more likely to rate you well and tip well if you are professional and polite. The beacon shows that you care enough to help your passenger find you during the pick up.

Should I get a light up Lyft or Uber sign?

A light up sign is the best way to go for sure. A high percentage of rideshare trips occur at night, when everyone is out and about. A light up sign helps your car stand out as an Uber or Lyft driver. The window clings work well in the day time but they are really hard to see at night.

Battery powered or USB-cable powered?

The first thing that you need to keep in mind is safety. The USB powered Uber Signs can add a lot of clutter to your windshield. Especially if you already have a phone mount and dash cam installed and powered up. In most jurisdictions it is illegal to drive with an obstructed view and lots of cables and accessories definitely obstruct your view.

We definitely suggest getting a battery powered sign that is chargeable with a USB cable. That way you can keep it in the corner of your windshield without a cable, but still be able to charge it on the go if needed.

How should I mount my beacon?

Most beacons mount with either static cling or a 3M foam or sticky tape. The static cling method is great as there will be no residue left behind when the sign is removed. The sticky tape method may leave a residue under certain circumstances. Although most tapes nowadays are really good at not leaving a residue under normal use.

How do I make my ride “Instagram-worthy”

Unique signs help you stand out. If you find one that is truly unique, riders will LOVE taking photos of it and posting them on Instagram. While this may not directly increase your earnings, it will lead to riders opting to give you a higher rating!

Try to find a sign with an interactive aspect to it, maybe letters that can be changed, or a scrolling message on an LED light.

lyft amp in car passengers

What Types of Uber Sign Should I Get?

As briefly discussed above, there are a few types of signs and beacons you can get for your car. There are signs that light and glow to catch the attention of your rider. Signs that cling to your window and remove easily. As well as signs for inside your car to help you interact with passengers. All of these signs will help you give a great passenger experience which will lead to higher ratings!

The Uber Beacon

This is the official beacon from Uber themselves. Drivers must earn the beacon by completing 500 rides while maintaining a rating above 4.5 in the driver app.

The beacon allows PAX to choose the colour of the glow when they are booking their ride. This will help them identify you during pick up. The beacon also measure force in the vehicle and will use G-sensors to notify Uber if there has been an accident. Uber’s beacon mounts to the windshield and removes easily without leaving a mark. The battery will last several evenings, eliminating the need for charging cables blocking your view.

Bluetooth technology connects the beacon to the driver app which allows the colour of the riders choice to be displayed.

The Lyft AMP

Lyft’s AMP is very similar to the Uber beacon, except the AMP mounts in the center of the drivers dashboard. AMP’s can either look like a moustache or like a pill shaped LED light box. If you want to get the Lyft AMP you will need to be either a Gold or Platinum Reward status and have at least 250 rides under your belt. The Lyft AMP is also colour-coded to help riders find you even easier! A riders name will also be displayed on the back of the AMP in a message that might say something like “Hello Jeff!”.

LED Windshield Mounted Beacons

If you haven’t qualified for the Uber Beacon of the Lyft AMP, a light up sign for your windshield is the best way to go. These signs come with all of the benefits of the Beacon or AMP except they don’t connect to the applications. This means riders can’t choose the colour of the beacon and they will not see their names displayed on the back.

Below are our top picks for glowing LED signs for ridershare drivers. They come in a couple of styles and all mount in similar ways. Find the one that suits you the best!

Glowing LED Lyft and Uber Sign

Here are a couple of options for rideshare drivers. They all come with a mount which holds the actual sign, this means you can remove the sign without having to remove the sticky foam every time you go offline. This also allows you to charge the sign without the cables obstructing your view or your passengers space. All of these signs are battery powered for up to 12 hours and come with a USB charging cord.

DoorDash, Amazon Flex, and Uber Eats Signs

These signs are very similar to the ones above but these signs are meant for delivery drivers. Sometimes when delivering, you may need to leave your car at the side of the road to deliver. Having a sign in the window lets parking enforcement know that you are inside delivering a package. This may help prevent them from giving you a ticket. The signs can also identify you when you have a customer waiting outside for their order.

Uber and Lyft Beacons with Remote Controls

These Uber and Lyft signs make it way too easy. You don’t even have to remove the sign to turn it off. Each one comes with a remove that can be mounted near your steering wheel and other dashboard controls. This makes it super easy to turn off your rideshare sign when you go offline. Like the above, these signs are battery powered and come with a USB charging cable for charging on the go.

Window Clings and Signage

If you do not want to have the bright and flashy LED in your windshield, there are some other options. Uber and Lyft signs also come in either a window cling version or a suction cup version. Both of these types of signs are great for removing signage completely without left over residue. Vinyl clings are great for day time use, but not so great at night when they can be harder to see.

Vinyl static cling Uber sign

Here are some of the reliable window clings and accessories that you can use to identify you as an Uber or Lyft driver.

Interior Signs For Your Backseat

As a rideshare driver it is important that you treat your passenger as the King or Queen they are (as long as they are acting like a King or Queen 🙂 ). You should be offering them a phone charger, asking them how the temperature is and giving them full control over the music.

Having a sign on the backseat let’s your riders know that you are there to serve them. Usually these signs promote everything from phone charging to snacks or drinks to rules and guidelines you may have. Signs can also remind your PAX to rate the trip as a 5 star if they enjoyed the experience!

Instagram-Worthy Lyft and Uber Signs

A rideshare trip doesn’t have to be boring, you can spice up the trip with some unique signage. You can truly make a riders trip “Instagram-worthy” by including a sign with a witty slogan on it.

LED signs with scrolling text are a great way to catch the riders attention. You can promote things like positive ratings or products you may be selling during the trip. Some of them are even remote controlled so you can change the message if you like!

Rider Reminder Stickers

We’ve all had passengers that try to bring food to enjoy on their trip, but not everyone is ok with PAX eating in their vehicle. They may spill their drink or get burger toppings all over the seats. One way to let passengers know you prefer they treat your vehicle as if it was their own is to post some stickers.

In our opinion the stickers are kind of tacky and take away from the Uber or Lyft experience. Warning stickers give the rider a feeling of restriction which is not what rideshare is about. The best way to let your rider enjoy their trip while also keeping your vehicle clean is to politely ask them to not eat. Most riders will be happy to comply with your request.

If you still prefer to post stickers, here are a few options that might work for you.

Our Recommended Best Lyft and Uber Sign

The Uber Sign with Remote is by far the best option to go with. The sign slides into the mount super easily, runs for 12 hours on the internal battery, and comes with a super handy remote. The charging cable allows you to charge the sign with your cars USB port. This sign comes in Uber, Lyft, a Combo and is perfect for letting your passenger know which car you are.

Buy the Uber Sign with Remote on Amazon

Adding one of these Uber or Lyft signs can help reward the drivers with great ratings. With great ratings comes great tips so make sure that you do your absolute best to provide your rider with the best possible experience. Getting into the Uber business is easy. But keeping up with the competition will require some incredible efforts. Adding Uber signs is a step ahead for your benefit.