BC Class 4 Drivers License Free Practice Test: Drive With Uber Or Lyft

If you are planning on getting your Class 4 drivers license in BC, make sure you take this practice test!

A class 4 license is required if you want to become an Uber driver or a bus driver (with a capacity under 25 people) in the province of British Columbia. The first milestone in getting your class 4 is passing the written test at a licensing centre.

These questions will help prepare yourself for the quiz and give you the confidence to ace the test your first try!

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Take the BC Class 4 Practice Test

Are you ready to take the practice test?

Lets get started, click on one of the BC Class 4 practice tests below!

We do our best to keep the questions current and relevant. The ICBC may change the questions on the knowledge tests at any time. Always be prepared for suprises.

Many of the answers to the questions can be found in the ICBC Commercial Driving Handbook. Which is available for free at the ICBC website.

What Do Your Results Mean?

Our free practice test has 35 questions, the actual test has 35 questions. To pass our test you must score at least 80% and to pass the real test you must score at least 80%.

So if you scored over 80% on our quiz you should be ready to write a successful ICBC knowledge test at a licensing centre.

But why stop at 80%? To be absolutely sure you are ready we recommend aiming for a 90% on the test.

If you scored less than 80% on our Class 4 practice test you need to do some more studying. Use the practice test results to find out which section you need to work on.

Do you need to brush up on your regulations? Maybe you missed a few road signs?

Once you have found your weak link, study that topic a little more and come back to take the quiz again.

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What is a BC Class 4 Drivers License

A class 4 driver’s license comes in two flavors: restricted and unrestricted.

Taxi drivers are required to have a class 4 license in BC

Class 4 Restricted Drivers License

A restricted class 4 license allows you to drive passenger-directed vehicles with a capacity up to 10 people including the driver.

Some examples of vehicles you can drive with a restricted class 4 license are:

  • Rideshare like Uber or Lyft
  • Taxis and limousines (max capacity 10 people)
  • Ambulances

Class 4 Unrestricted Drivers License

An unrestricted class 4 driver’s license allows drivers to operate passenger-directed vehicles with up to 25 people including the driver. These are usually small buses and sometimes limousines.

Here are some more vehicles you can drive with a Class 4 Unrestricted license:

  • A school bus
  • Buses with a maximum capacity of 25 people including the driver
  • Uber or Lyft
  • Taxi or Limousine
  • Ambulances

Your Class 4 license does not allow you to operate a passenger bus with more than 25 people. To drive a bus with a capacity over 25 people you will need to get your Class 2 drivers license.

BC Class 4 Driver Requirements

Class 4 drivers are required to meet most of the same criteria as other commercial classes. Drivers must be at least 19 years old and have at least 2 years of fully licensed driving experience.

The full Class 4 drivers license requirements in BC are:

  • Must be at least 19 years old
  • At least 2 years of full license driving experience
  • Clean driving record with less than 4 penalty points in the past 2 years
  • No driving-related criminal convictions in the past 3 years
  • In good standing with the ICBC
  • Complete a medical examination
  • Pass a written knowledge test
  • Successfully complete a vehicle safety pre-trip inspection test
  • Demonstrate good driving skills on a road test

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BC class 4 knowledge test requirements

What is the ICBC Class 4 Written Test Like?

Congratulations on being ready to write the Class 4 knowledge test!

The Class 4 knowledge test can be taken either on a computer or on paper. Depending on the testing location usually.

There will be 35 questions on road signs, regulations, and driving skills. To successfully complete the test you need to answer 28 of the 35 questions correctly.

Road rules: These questions focus on the rules and regulations of commercial driving. They will ask questions about road safety, drivers logs and HOS (hours of service), as well as a few common sense questions.

Road signs: Questions about the road signs in BC will be on the test as well. Each question will show a road sign and a list of possible meanings for that road sign.

Driving skills: These questions will test your knowledge of driving techniques like smooth braking and what to do in potentially dangerous situations.

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How Much Does The Written Test Cost?

The written Class 4 knowledge test in BC costs $15.00.

However, the whole licensing process will cost a little more.

The fees can be broken down as such:

  • Medical Exam: Doctors fee ($100-$130) + $28.00 medical exam processing fee
  • Knowledge Test: $15.00 (Free for 65+)
  • Road Test: $40.00
  • Upgraded License Cost: $17.00

You should be able to get your class 4 license for a total of $230.00.

This cost does not include any courses or study materials. If you feel you need more experience it is definitely a good idea to look for some driving courses in your area.

Class 4 bus

What’s After The Class 4 Practice Test?

Once you are confident that you know the regulations, road signs, and process for writing the knowledge test, it is time to take the real test.

General drivers’ gift categories

Look here for the nearest licensing center and call to find the best time to go in.

When you go in you will need to take a vision test and the staff will ask you a few medical questions. They will also ask some general questions to make sure you meet all the requirements for commercial drivers in BC.

If you meet all the requirements you will be able to pay your test fee and take the test. The test fee is $15.00 and you will take the test at the licensing center. When you are done, the staff will grade your test.

Completing the test successfully means you will be given a learner permit.

Time to start practicing with the vehicle of your choice! Just make sure it is with a qualified supervisor and there are no passengers on the trip.

What comes after the knowledge test? Finish getting your Class 4 drivers license in BC with a road test!

DISCLAIMER: CDHQ is not affiliated with the ICBC. These practice tests should not be considered official tests and you are not granted a license for completing them. Our tests are simply a practice tool to help prepare yourself for the real test.

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