6 Steps To Get Your Class 4 License In BC: Drive With Uber Or Lyft

So you want to work with Uber or Lyft in BC but you didn’t know that you need a Class 4 commercial license?

What is a Class 4 commercial license anyways?

A Class 4 license is required for Uber drivers, taxi drivers and bus drivers (with a maximum capacity of 25). The license allows you to legally work for a Transportation Network Services like Uber or Lyft.

Let’s take a look at the requirements, the costs and how you can get started!

Need practice questions? Take our BC Class 4 Practice test to get ready for the ICBC knowledge test!

What is a Class 4 Drivers License?

A class 4 drivers license is considered a commercial drivers license in British Columbia. It is required to operate a Passenger Directed Vehicle (PDV) like a school bus or taxi.

There are 2 types of Class 4 licenses, Class 4 Restricted or Class 4 Unrestricted.

Class 4 Unrestricted

Class 4 Unrestricted license allows up to 25 passengers

An Unrestricted license allows drivers to operate passenger directed vehicles that seat up to a maximum of 25 riders including the driver.

Here are some of the vehicles you can driver with an Unrestricted Class 4 (up to 25 people)

  • A school bus
  • Buses with a maximum capacity of 25 people including the driver
  • Uber or Lyft
  • Taxi or Limousine
  • Ambulances

Class 4 Unrestricted license is sometimes referred to as the Class 4A license.

Want to drive a transit bus? If you want to drive a transit bus you’ll need a BC Class 2 license. This license allows you to operate a passenger directed vehicle with a capacity higher than 25 people.

Class 4 Restricted

Class 4 taxi license in BC

A Restricted Class 4 license allows drivers to operate passenger vehicles that seat up to a maximum of 10 passengers including the driver.

Here are some of the vehicles that a Class 4 Restricted driver can operate:

  • Rideshare like Uber or Lyft
  • Taxis and limousines (max capacity 10 people)
  • Ambulances

The Class 4 Restricted license is sometimes called the Class 4B license.

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Requirements For Class 4 Drivers in BC

There is a long list of requirements for obtaining a commercial drivers license in BC. You will need to demonstrate some skills and pass a few tests in order to fully qualify for a class 4 license.

Class 4 drivers license requirements in BC:

  • Must be at least 19 years old
  • At least 2 years of full license driving experience
  • Clean driving record with less than 4 penalty points in the past 2 years
  • No driving-related criminal convictions in the past 3 years
  • In good standing with the ICBC
  • Complete a medical examination
  • Pass a written knowledge test
  • Successfully complete a vehicle safety pre-trip inspection test
  • Demonstrate good driving skills on a road test

Vehicles must pass a pre-trip safety inspection test, and drivers must pass a fitness medical examination.

BC Class 4 Drivers License Requirements

BC Class 4 License Costs and Fees

It does not cost very much to get your commercial drivers license in BC. Which is awesome for prospective Uber and Lyft drivers!

The fees can be broken down as such:

  • Medical Exam: Doctors fee ($100-$130) + $28.00 medical exam processing fee
  • Knowledge Test: $15.00 (Free for 65+)
  • Road Test: $40.00
  • Upgraded License Cost: $17.00

In total is should cost you about $230.00 to get your class 4 license.

This cost does not include any courses or study materials. If you feel you need more experience it is definitely a good idea to look for some driving courses in your area.

6 Steps To Get Your Class 4 Drivers License in BC

Getting your Class 4 license in BC is super easy and can be narrowed down to 6 easy steps:

  1. Study for the knowledge test
  2. Take the knowledge test
  3. Practice driving
  4. Take the road test
  5. Complete a driver medical examination
  6. Start driving!

Let’s take a deeper look into what is required at each step,

1. Study for the knowledge test

The first step is to study for the knowledge test you need to take. You can download a copy of the commercial drivers handbook from ICBC to study from. This PDF is a great in-depth resource that will cover all of the material on the knowledge test. You’ll also want to brush up on your road sign knowledge, ICBC also has guides for road signs.

Another great way to study is to take a practice test.

We have created a Class 4 BC practice test you can use to help prepare your for the real deal. Our questions are based on the material and handbooks provided by the ICBC.

Check out our Class 4 practice tests below!

2. Take the knowledge test

You can take the written knowledge test at a licensing centre in your area. Generally there is no appointment necessary, but it is good to call ahead to find out when the best time to write the test is.

Find a licensing centre here.

Before you take the test the licensing centre staff will check your vision and ask you a few medical questions. They will also ask you some questions to make sure you meet all of the requirements for Class 4 commercial drivers.

The Class 4 knowledge test costs $15 (the test is free if you are over 65!) each time you need to take it.

On the test you will find 35 multiple choice questions covering road signs and regulations pertaining to your license. You will need to score at least an 80% on the test in order to obtain your Class 4 learners permit.

3. Practice driving your vehicle

With your learners permit, you will be able to practice driving with the vehicle you plan to work with. Just make sure there are no passengers other than a fully licensed friend.

Some important practice tips for your Class 4 road test:

  • Practice your pre-trip inspection, you need to nail it!
  • Review the knowledge test material, they may ask surprise questions!
  • Make sure you use your safety features: lights, seatbelts, mirrors
  • Practice explaining what you are doing and why

We highly recommend taking a course at a driving school since you will be transporting passengers. Below are some courses you can check out as well as a directory of classes throughout BC.

With some experience behind the wheel of your Class 4 vehicle, you are ready to take the road test.

4. Take the road test

Booking your road test in BC is really easy, head to the ICBC website to book your test online.

For the Class 4 road test, you will meet with an examiner for an in car examination. They want to see that you are experienced with your vehicle and that you know the rules and regulations of commercial driving.

The practical test will start with a pre-trip inspection. Do a circle check of your vehicle and show that you are checking everything from lights to seatbelts. To help out we’ve created a pre-trip inspection sheet for Class 4 drivers.

BC Class 4 Pre-trip inspection form
Download the PDF version of our BC Class 4 Pre-trip Inspection Form

Class 4 prospective drivers are required to complete a written pre-trip inspection during their road test. Make sure you bring a pen!

Didn’t pass the pre-trip inspection? If you do not pass the pre-trip inspection you will need to pay to re-take just the pre-trip portion of the test. You must wait 14 days after your first attempt to re-take.

After your pre-trip inspection is complete, it is time to show the examiner your driving skills. They will usually take you around for a 20 minute drive while asking you to demonstrate driving skills like reversing or parallel parking.

Here are some things they might ask you to demonstrate:

  • Starting and stopping the car
  • Shifting your gears safely
  • Turning, steering, signalling
  • Reversing and parking
  • Merging with highway traffic

Once you have successfully passed the road test and pay the $17 license fee, you will receive your Class 4 drivers license. The licensing centre will also provide a medical exam form for you to bring back completed.

5. Complete your driver medical examination

You have 45 days to complete your medical exam after you receive the form. If you don’t return the medical form after 45 days you may have to re-take the tests.

To complete the form, you must visit a doctor for a “driver medical examination”. The purpose of the medical examination is to make sure that you are fit to drive a commercial vehicle. If you have an impairment you may receive a restriction on your license such as daytime only hours or weight restrictions.

The examination at the doctor can range anywhere from $100-$130 depending on what the doctor charges.

Once your form is complete, bring it back to the licensing centre for final approval. There is a medical document processing fee of $28 when you bring it in.

An approved medical document means an approved Class 4 driver!

6. Start driving!

Congratulation! You are now a licensed Class 4 driver in BC!

Remember to always do your pre-trip inspections and to stay within your licensing limits. For Restricted drivers you may drive up to 9 passengers and for Unrestricted drivers you can drive up to 24 passengers.

If you find you need to move more than 24 passengers you will need to upgrade to a Class 2 license in BC.