What Are The Best Ways To Contact Uber For Driver Support?

There are so many reasons why someone might want to contact Uber. You may need to find out why you were deactivated, report a riders behaviour, or just have general questions. The best way to have your questions answered is to use the appropriate channel for contacting Uber.

If you want to successfully contact Uber, here are a couple of ways to speak with an Uber Support Rep.

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Uber Driver Support Contact Phone Numbers

Many Uber drivers prefer to speak with Uber representatives one-on-one. It is the most trusted and convenient way to communicate your questions. You can access this feature by opening your Uber app and navigating through “Account” – “Help” – tap blue phone symbol visible at the upper right corner; and click on “Call Support”

Critical Safety Response Phone Number – (800) 285-6172

In case of an emergency while online, first, make sure that everyone is safe. If someone is hurt and you need assistance call 911 before you call Uber. Once everyone is safe and accounted for call the Uber Critical Safety Resonse Line. The Safety Response team will log all of the information regarding the accident and assist you with anything you need as an Uber Partner. Be sure to add this number as a contact before you start driving.

General Uber Contact Number – (800) 593-7069

For general inquiries you can call the Uber Support number. This is a 24/7 line for drivers and customers alike. You may be met with some wait time when you call in but it is usually only 1-2 minutes. This is also the number you reach when calling through the app.

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Driver Support Through The App

One of the fastest and most effective means of getting across to Uber whether you are a passenger or driver is by connecting them through the mobile app. With the Help Centre section that has been incorporated into the app, it makes your enquiry process much easier. It has been packed with sufficient information regarding almost everything you ought to know about Uber and their services. Go to ‘Menu’ and click on ‘Help’ and access ‘Help Centre.’

Contact Uber driver support through the application

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Contact Uber Support via help.uber.com

This is another quick means of contacting Uber and getting the Uber support you are looking for. On this portal, you can find loads of questions that have been asked by drivers and passengers who have had to deal with one challenge or the other. The most beautiful thing with this portal is that it personalizes your FAQs with the city you are logging in from. All you have to do is browse through the questions and see the response that fits your situation.

Uber Help Center driver support

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Contact Uber on Social Media

Social media platforms are turning out as an effective tool for communicating information across the digital world. Uber are certainly not missing out on the social media frenzy as they have an account on social media platforms through which you can contact them and request whatever information you seek. The only drawback about this approach is that you have a slim chance of communicating with an Uber representative live.

Contact Uber on their Twitter support page

Contact Uber Through Live Chat

This rideshare platform would be incomplete without an Uber Live Chat feature. Yes, you can simply open the site and hit the Uber Live Chat section to begin a conversation with an Uber agent; it is as simple as that.

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Visit the Uber Local GreenLight Office

If you aren’t the digital type or you feel that the reason why you want to speak with someone is something that should be considered very serious, then you could decide to visit the Uber Support during local office time. In there, you should be able to lodge whatever complaints you have in mind.

Visit an Uber Greenlight Hub for driver support

Getting answers from Uber agents on whatever you feel like knowing shouldn’t be difficult when you apply any of these methods.

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