Foodora Driver Delivery Jobs: Pay Rates and Getting Started

Updated 2019 – Looking into Foodora Delivery Jobs? Whether you want to be a Foodora Rider (delivery on a bike) or Foodora Driver (delivery with a car), we will tell you how to get started, what the requirements and how much you will make delivering with Foodora!

The food delivery service Foodora began its business in 2013 and currently operates in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Quebec City, Calgary and Edmonton. Their app connects restaurants with people looking to order food delivery. If you become a Foodora rider or driver, your job will be to pick up meals from different restaurants and deliver them to hungry customers.

Driver & Vehicle Requirements

  • Minimum Age: 18
  • License Class: G in Ontario, Class 5 in Quebec, B.C. & Alberta
  • Vehicle: Safe, operating condition.
  • Insurance: Personal policy required
  • Phone: Iphone (4s or newer) or Android (4.2 or newer) with data
  • Eligible to work in Canada

If you don’t have a car you can also deliver with a bike or scooter.

There is also no minimum model year for your vehicle, as long as it works! Also, since you are not driving passengers, you do not have to undergo a drivers abstract or criminal background check. No vehicle inspection is required either!

Though commercial insurance is not required, it is important to consider that many personal insurance policies don’t cover “business” driving. Foodora does not offer commercial or liability insurance.

You should inquire with your insurance provider or broker about coverage availability and options if you get into accident while delivering food as a Foodora driver.

How much will I make as a Foodora Rider or Driver?

The good thing about working for Foodora is that they take NO service fees from your delivery fare. You can also receive tips through the app or at the door in cash from the customer. 

Foodora Pay Rates


Per Km


Average Earnings & Hourly Guarantees

Foodora drivers earn approximately $20-$25 per hour, including both your tips and fare. This is just an estimate of earnings of course and depends on the city you are working in and on tips.

In new markets, Foodora will offer you a minimum guarantee per hour just for scheduling to deliver for them. In newer markets like Quebec, Edmonton, Calgary, it is $15/hour. That means even if you don’t do any deliveries, you still get paid! In some areas of established cities, like Toronto, they are currently offering a $16/hour guarantee if you schedule to deliver in North York.

6 Steps to Get Started Driving

1: Visit their website and tell them your city and vehicle type.

2: Fill out your name, contact information, age, availability and the numbers of hours per week you want to work.

3: They will send you an email confirming your information. You should hear from them shortly by phone, text or e-mail?

The cool thing with Foodora is an employee in your city will call you personally from their cell phone and go through a brief phone screening. No call centres and you’re dealing with the same person the whole time.

4: They’ll schedule you an in-person orientation at their office or send you an email so you can schedule it yourself on your own time. 

At the group orientation they will go through how to download and use the app, the scheduling, customer service and answer your questions you might have. The orientation lasts about an hour and a half.

5: Get your bag. You can get a Foodora driver insulated bag from them for $50. You don’t have to pay this up front as it will be deducted from your pay when you start working. Or, you can provide your own bag but it must be insulated, unbranded and 15″ x 15″.

6: Schedule a shift and start driving!

Foodora Driver and Pay
*Photo Credit – Foodora Inc.

Foodora Jobs FAQ

How does scheduling work?

Log into the app and provide your availability. Work as little or as often as you want to. Just make sure you do at least one delivery shift a month to stay active on the platform.

Do I have to sign up for shifts in advance?

No, but the times you can drive are limited if you don’t book a shift. You can login to the app and start accepting deliveries during peak demand times without scheduling ahead if there is anything available.

How long are the shifts?

Shifts range from 2.5 – 6 hours. When you sign in to the app there will be time blocks you can choose from.

Do I have to wear a uniform?

Nope. But they’ll provide you a t-shirt if you want for free!

Foodora Driver Taxes

First thing you need to know is that  are an independent contractor and NOT an employee. That means Foodora is treating you as a business and won’t be deducting things like income tax, CPP (Canadian Pension Plan contributions) and EI (Employment Insurance) from your earnings.

This means that you’ll need to pay the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) yourself. You should consult with an accountant to see how much you should save throughout the year so you don’t get stuck with a big bill when it comes tax time.

The good news about being an independent contractor is you can deduct certain expenses from how much tax you’ll owe. Keep your receipts for gas, car washes, repairs, insurance etc. as all these are “business expenses”.

You also need to keep track of your mileage and separate how many kilometres you drive for Foodora and personal or other business use. If you only drove for Foodora 20% of the time, you can only claim 20% of those expenses.


Don’t worry about it! Most rideshare companies where you are transporting passengers, the company collects HST from the customer and passes it on to you to give to the government. With Foodora, they deal with the HST so you don’t have to! That means you don’t have to register for an HST number UNLESS you make over $30K in a quarter driving. This is highly unlikely to happen unless you are also using your car for other business opportunities.

You can check out the CRA’s website for more details about HST. If you are making that much money driving, you should talk to an accountant anyways.

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If you are deliver for Foodora or have any questions, drop a comment below!

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