Grocery and Food Delivery Jobs for Drivers in Calgary

If you are looking for grocery or food delivery in Calgary, you have a lot options to choose from. Ordering food from your favourite restaurant or fast-food joint has never been easier. So, if you are looking to save the time and headache of filling your cart and lining up at the grocery store, you can have all your essentials delivering right to your door. Here are all the grocery delivery and food delivery apps and services in Calgary.

Grocery Delivery Calgary

Getting groceries has become more convenient than ever, with a rise in technology based ordering systems. Grocery delivery in Calgary is available in many forms but the easiest to use may be the app-based ordering platforms. These companies offer a selection of stores that you can choose grocery delivery from. You can schedule days in advance or request delivery in just hours. You can get grocery delivery in Calgary from the following apps or stores:

Instacart Calgary

Instacart is one of the most popular grocery delivery apps in Calgary. In fact, it is one of the most popular in Canada. The app allows you to schedule grocery delivery in Calgary on demand, depending on shopper availability. You can also schedule days in advance. Instacart Calgary offers delivers from the following stores:

  • Real Canadian Superstore
  • Walmart
  • Shoppers Drug Mart
  • Wholesale Club
  • Staples
  • M&M Food Market
  • Bulk Barn
  • T&T Supermarket

Instacart charges a service fee of 5% of the subtotal of your order in most cases. If your order is below $40, there is a minimum $2 charge.

You are also asked to tip your driver, which the app sets at 5% of the subtotal as well by default. You set the drivers tip when you place your order but you can change it to a higher or lower tip after the delivery if you wish.

Delivering Groceries for Instacart Calgary

Instacart Calgary is accepting new applications all the time. As an independent contractor, you can work whenever and wherever you want. It is one of the most flexible grocery delivery jobs in Calgary you can get.

Learn more about the gig with our complete guide below.

InABuggy Calgary


InABuggy originally started in Toronto partnering with FreshCo but has since expanded across Canada. Unlike Instacart, you can get items from multiple stores on the same order. You can get grocery delivery in Calgary plus order from pharmacies and more from the following stores:

  • Costco
  • Rexall
  • M&M Food Market
  • Safeway
  • Walmart
  • InABuggy Snow and Ice Removal

InABuggy pricing for delivery is a flat fee of $19.98. There is no minimum order either. Although this seems a bit expensive, if you have a large order it is a better price than Instacart as they charge 5%. If you are doing a small order, then InABuggy’s fee is more expensive. An extra stop at a different store costs $9.95 and there is also a tipping option in the app as well for the driver.

Delivering Groceries for InABuggy Calgary

Driving for InABuggy Calgary is similar to Instacar. You are an independent contractor and require your own vehicle. There is less flexible with delivering groceries with InABuggy Calgary. You have to commit to a schedule a week in advance and work at least 25 hours. On the plus side, you are guaranteed an $18 per hour.

If you are interested in driving for InABuggy Calgary, head over to their website to apply.


Grocery Link Calgary is another option similar to Instacart and InABuggy. It is a local company delivering from stores like Coco Brooks Martketplace, Superstore Click and Collect, Walmart, M&M Food Market and Save On Foods. One downside to Grocery Link Delivery is only available online, there is no app.

Grocery Link Calgary is very transparent with their pricing: $19.99 per order up to $300, within 8 km of the store. There is a surcharge for larger value orders, longer distances and more than 2 cases of drinks. You can see all the pricing details on their website.

Delivering groceries for Grocery Link Calgary is more of an employee position, while maintaining the status of a independent contractor. You must have your own vehicle and pay for the costs associated with it like most grocery delivery gigs.

Some of the open job positions can require you to work a certain number of hours/days, even full time-time. (for example, full-time) would require you to be available up to 6 days a week and on call with short notice.

One cool thing about delivering for Grocery Link in Calgary though is that a lot of delivery drivers do not have to shop, just deliver! If you would rather spend most of the day on the road, this is the grocery delivery job in Calgary for you.

Groceries Delivery from Calgary Stores Direct

There are some stores that offer their own in-house groceries delivery without the use of a 3rd party app like Instacart or InABuggy. The list of places that offer delivery of groceries in Calgary are:

You have to contact these companies individually for open positions if you are looking for a job delivering groceries in Calgary.

Food Delivery Calgary

Food delivery in Calgary is a competitive landscape as several app-based technology companies battle it out for the business of takeout delivery. Calgary food delivery is offered by:

Skip The Dishes

Skip The Dishes is a food delivery app in Calgary that was originally founded by two brothers in Saskatchewan. It offers a food delivery from a number of Calgary restaurants and pairs orders with drivers, who are independent contractors.

Delivering Food for Skip The Dishes Calgary

Typically, drivers book shifts in advance or they just go on to the app and see if there are any delivery requests. Skip The Dishes is one of the largest food delivery companies in Calgary and in Canada. To learn more about delivering food in Calgary with Skip The Dishes, head over to their website to apply.



Foodora is app based food delivery in Calgary, that sets itself apart from many of the other big guys by offering alcohol delivery, in addition to take out. It also only operates and focuses on a handful of the large urban centres in Canada.

Delivering Food for Foodora Calgary

If you are interested in learning more about driving for Foodora, check out our driver’s guide to getting started below.

Uber Eats

The biggest player in the delivery game, Uber drivers can not only shuttle around passengers but also deliver your food to you in Calgary.

Delivering Food for Uber Eats Calgary

Working for Uber Eats is one of the most flexible gigs out there, as there are no shifts. You can log on and off the app whenever you want. If you want more information on how to deliver food in Calgary with Uber Eats, check out our complete guide to become a driver below.

Door Dash


Door Dash has over a thousand restaurants on their app based platform, making it a real competitor for food delivery in Calgary. Another flexible delivery gig that offers you the chance to be your own boss.

Delivering Food for Door Dash Calgary

Door Dash drivers in Calgary work within specific zones so they don’t get pulled to far away from home. They are similar to Skip The Dishes in that they offer a set rate based on some algorithm that factors in time and distance, which you are made aware of in advance. If you want to learn more about driving for Door Dash in Calgary, check out our complete driver’s guide below.



Fantuan is primarily an Asian food delivery service in Calgary but they also offer online ordering for pick up. Like a couple of the other competitors in the industry, Fantuan Calgary offers errand services like shopping at any place you want and parcel delivery like a standard courier.

Delivering Food for Fantuan Calgary

Delivery jobs with Fantuan boasts earnings up to $200 a day with a flexible schedule. This type of job breaks up the repetitive task of just picking up and delivering food from restaurant to customer. You could go from shopping for groceries, to delivering a letter from an office building, to buying some cleaning supplies for a client at the local store.

Other Delivery Services in Calgary

Crowd Car and Parcel Pay are what we would call, delivery anything services. They could have easily fall into grocery or restaurant delivery but we thought they needed their own categories.

Crowd Car


Crowd Car will grab you food, deliver documents, pick up your dry cleaning or even help you move furniture. Essentially, you post a request on the app and a driver on the platform will pick it up on demand.

Delivering for Crowd Car Calgary

Making money with your own car has never been easier. As an independent contract, you can choose to the gigs you accept and set your own schedule. Head over to Crowd Car’s website to apply now.

Parcel Pal


Parcel Pal offers a wide variety of delivery from take away, groceries, alcohol and even corner stores. They also have a “delivery anything” feature, which you can request the driver go somewhere to buy or pick up something. This could be a package for work, grabbing your dry-cleaning when you are short on time or maybe delivering flowers to your significant other.

Delivering for Parcel Pal Calgary

Working for Parcel Pal in Calgary is unlike other delivery apps as it has both independent contractor courier jobs as well as employee driver jobs.

The gig jobs as an independent contractor offer a guarantee of $15 per hour but it is mostly on commission (paid per delivery, plus tips) so you can make more than that. Of course The down-side of course is having to pay for your own vehicle expenses. If you have a cube or reefer van by chance, you can make between $25-$50 per hour.

There are also hourly positions as an employee of Parcel Pal, where you will make about $17 per hour and use the company vehicle to make deliveries. Much more secure, less expenses but less flexibility as well compared to the independent contractor positions.

You can check out all their delivery position openings on their website.

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