Instaryde Toronto: Guide to Instaryde Driver Requirements

*InstaRyde is currently offline, when attempting to open either the rider app of the driver app we receive an error message stating “Could not connect to server, Please try again”. We will update this when we find the service up and running again.

InstaRyde is set to launch December 1, 2017 but it is not new to the ridesharing business. In 2014, the Toronto tech startup tried to give Uber a run for their money on their home turf. The company started operations in Toronto & Mississauga and then shifted its business to Austin, Texas in 2016. After new regulations in Austin were introduced, the company packed up their app and returned to Toronto. You may have seen co-founder and CEO Karim Sumar on Dragon’s Den to pitch InstaRyde in January, 2017.

InstaRyde is re-introducing their service to Toronto with some pretty amazing bonuses for drivers who sign up. Currently, drivers can only pick up passengers in Toronto, but the company plans to expand into the GTA in early 2018.

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InstaRyde service types

Although InstaRyde has fewer service types than Uber, their services cover the same basic ground. They provide standard vehicle types and larger SUV styles, as well as luxury versions of both classes.

InstaRyde offers 4 types of vehicle services:

Standard Sedan

Standard 4 door sedan that can carry 4 passengers.

Standard SUV

Standard SUV or minivan that can carry up to 7 passengers.

Luxury Sedan

Luxury car like a BMW or Mercedes that can seat 4 passengers and generally has a leather interior.

Luxury SUV

Luxury SUV’s that can carry up to 7 passengers and generally has a leather interior.

Rates and Tips

So how much will you make driving with InstaRyde?

Your earnings depend on the service type you offer and the rides you accept. The general formula for calculating a trips cost is:

Base Fare + Per Minute Charge + Per KM Charge + Tips

InstaRyde lists the fares based on the service type offered:

Ryde: $0.18/min and $0.81/km – Base fare: $2 + Tips
RydeXL: $0.35/min and $1.55/km – Base fare: $4.75 + Tips
Platinum: $0.35/min and $1.75km – Base fare: $4.75 + Tips
PlatinumXL: $0.48/min and $2.40/km – Base fare: $12 + Tips

If a rider decides to cancel a ride or doesn’t show you will receive $5.00 for the cancellation.

How much does InstaRyde take?

InstaRyde deducts $0.99 per trip as their fee. They also deduct $.30 plus 2.9% of the fare each trip as a payment processing fee. The processing fee applies to the whole fare including tip but aside from that they do not take any additional fees. The service fee charged to the passenger is directly remitted to the company.

InstaRyde does not use surge pricing like Uber but they are looking into the idea of “Rush” pricing for peak times.

How taxes are handled

HST will be included in the fare that is passed on to you. You will be responsible for remitting the HST to the government but you will need an HST number first. You can sign up for an HST number online or call the Canada Revenue Agency at 1-800-959-5525.

Driver and vehicle requirements

To start driving with InstaRyde you will need to download the app for your Android or Iphone and click “Be a Driver” in the main menu. The whole application should take no longer than 3 to 5 business days provided you have submitted all the required documents.

Some of the basic requirements to start driving with InstaRyde are:

  • You must be 25 years or older
  • Three years of Canadian driving history
  • Minimum of 1 year with a full G license
  • Vehicle must be 7 years old or newer
  • Minimum 4 door car or SUV in excellent condition – normal wear and tear is okay but no cosmetic damage
  • Iphone or Android device – you must have a navigation app on your phone like Waze or Google Maps as there is no in app navigation with InstaRyde
  • Eligible to work in Canada
  • Your name must be on the vehicle registration as a primary or secondary driver.
  • Personal insurance policy
  • Background check
  • You must have also completed at least 25 rides with another ridesharing company – A representative from InstaRyde has stated the reason for this requirement is that they want to recruit experienced drivers right out of the gate to offer a superior experience for passengers. They may waive this requirement in the future.

What does the background check involve?

You must also submit to a criminal background check and driver abstract to drive with InstaRyde. This is common among most driving apps where you are transporting passengers. Some of things that will make you ineligible from driving with InstaRyde are:

  • Criminal offences like violent crimes, sexual offences, theft, property damage, indictable (felony) offences or any drug-related offences.
  • Driving offences like impaired driving (DUI), major violations or convictions (likely a careless driving offence) and more than 3 minor (moving) driving offences.
  • You also can’t have more than 1 at-fault insurance claims in the past 3 years and 3 claims in the past 6 years.
Toronto Skyline Instaryde rideshare service

How do I get a PTC license number?

You will also need to meet all of the City of Toronto PTC (private transportation company) license requirements. InstaRyde will take care of the PTC application process and you will receive your license number.

Part of that process involves a vehicle inspection which includes regular oil changes and emission tests. You must also have snow tires on your wheels between December 1-April 30.

How does insurance work?

No rideshare or commercial coverage is required, but you do need to have your own personal vehicle insurance.

Check with your insurance broker to make sure you are covered when you are driving with InstaRyde. Some companies will not permit you to offer rideshare, drive-for-hire, or any business related driving so you should check with your provider or broker.

InstaRyde Coverage

InstaRyde does have their own insurance coverage with Northbridge Insurance. The plan has you covered from the moment you log in to the moment you log out. You will be insured by two types of coverage depending on the stage of work you are engaged in:

Logged on and available to accept a trip

  • $1,000,000 Third Party Liability
  • Standard Accident Benefits
  • $1,000 Deductible for All Perils, Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils

While driving a passenger or on your way to pickup a passenger

  • $2,000,000 Third Party Liability
  • Standard Accident Benefits
  • $1,000 Deductible for All Perils, Collision, Comprehensive or Specified Perils
  • Up to $1,500 for transportation replacement
  • No depreciation on new vehicles

You should check out their website for more details on the particulars of the coverage. You can also find general information from the Financial Services Commission of Ontario on how insurance works for rideshare services in the province of Ontario.

Bonuses for signing up drivers and referring passengers

InstaRyde has been advertising special bonuses for signing up to drive and referring drivers and passengers. Some of these are only for a limited time and for a limited amount of drivers.

Sign up Bonuses for Drivers

  • $25 for your first completed 5 rides
  • $50 gas credit for completing 50 trips within 14 days of your first trip
  • $300 for completing 50 rides in 30 days.
  • $6/ride up to $300 in 30 days. Meaning that even if you don’t complete 50 rides, you’ll receive your bonus at the end of the month for the rides you do complete.
  • $500 for completing 250 rides within 90 days
  • $750 for completing 375 rides within 90 days
  • $1000 for completing 500 rides within 90 days

Driver referral bonuses

$100 for every driver you refer who completes 50 trips in 30 days. 

InstaRyde Driver On Payday

In addition to the $100, you earn money for every new driver referred:

  • 1-10 new drivers: You make $7.50/per approved driver
  • 11-20 new drivers: You make $10/per approved driver
  • 21-30 new drivers: You make $12.50/per approved driver
  • 31+ drivers: You make $15/per approved driver

Passenger referral bonuses

New passengers who sign up will get 3 free rides up to $10.00. If they use a referral code, the passenger will get an additional free ride, and the driver will get $5.00.

If you haven’t signed up yet, use our referral code 09oxhr and get an additional free ride! 

Be your own boss

While rideshare platforms offer an excellent level of freedom and flexibility, there are a few responsibilities that go with that freedom.

As a driver you are a self-employed contractor, not an employee so you will be responsible for own vehicle expenses.  You will also have to keep track of the kilometres you drove when using the app. Remember to keep your receipts for car repairs, gas, auto insurance, lease or financing payments, etc. so when you are preparing your tax return you can deduct these expenses and take home more money!

It is also important to make sure your vehicle is in good condition. This means keeping up with the maintenance of your vehicle and keeping the inside clean. You can deduct expenses like car cleaning products and car washes from your taxes too!

Like Uber and Facedrive you do not have to schedule time blocks to drive, you just go online and accept trips as you are pinged. InstaRyde also allows you to operate with other platforms simultaneously, which can lead to maximized profits! Check out the Mystro app which allows you to switch between rideshare apps quickly and seamlessly.

All in all, InstaRyde offers a great platform with plenty of incentive for both drivers and passengers. Check it out and take advantage of the sign up bonuses!

Tell us know about your experiences with rideshare companies below or find out how to start driving with Uber or Facedrive with our handy guides!