Lyft Announces Overhaul of Premium Ride Types

In a move set to reshape the landscape of luxury transportation, Lyft has unveiled a comprehensive overhaul of its premium ride types. Effective October 18, 2023, through the commencement of November 2023, Lyft is bidding farewell to the Preferred and Lux ride categories while introducing a brand-new mode, Extra Comfort, across various regions.

Removing the Preferred and Lux options

The decision to retire the Preferred and Lux options is a strategic shift aimed at enhancing and streamlining the rider experience. With these changes, Lyft aims to deliver its patrons a more refined and differentiated premium service.

The introduction of Extra Comfort promises to offer passengers an elevated level of sophistication and convenience. This new mode is poised to bridge the gap between luxury and affordability, catering to those seeking an upgraded travel experience without compromising on comfort.

What’s next for Lyft drivers and users

Lyft users can anticipate a slew of enhancements within the Extra Comfort category, including:

  • Enhanced Comfort Features: Expect plush interiors and amenities designed to provide a premium ride experience.
  • Wider Vehicle Selection: Expanded vehicle options to suit varying preferences, ensuring a comfortable and personalized journey.
  • Optimized Service Standards: A focus on top-tier service quality, ensuring that every ride meets the heightened expectations of passengers.

What will happen to my ride preferences after October 18?

After Lyft’s overhaul of its premium ride types on October 18, there will be a significant shift in your ride preferences, and these changes will be reflected in your Driver app based on your updated eligibility.

To view your updated ride preferences, follow these steps in your Driver app:

  1. Open the main menu.
  2. Tap on ‘Vehicles and Devices.’
  3. Select ‘Your Vehicles.’
  4. Tap ‘See details’ on your active vehicle.
  5. You’ll be able to view the available ride types that you’re eligible for.

Your access to different ride types will depend on several factors:

  1. Vehicle Eligibility: Certain vehicles may be eligible for specific ride types based on their features or capacity. Lyft categorizes vehicles to match with appropriate ride options.
  2. Account Eligibility: Your individual account status and history may influence the types of rides you’re eligible to offer or receive.
  3. Region: Ride options can vary based on the location or region where you operate. Lyft adapts its services to suit the demands and regulations of different areas.

These changes aim to ensure that drivers are aligned with the updated ride offerings and that riders receive services that match their preferences and the available resources in their region.

Both drivers and riders need to familiarize themselves with these adjustments to optimize their experience on the Lyft platform and to ensure a smoother transition following the changes implemented by Lyft.

What are the requirements for Extra Comfort?

To be eligible to receive Extra Comfort ride requests, drivers need to meet the following criteria:

  • Drive an eligible vehicle
  • Completed at least 100 trips.
  • Maintain a minimum rating of 4.85.
  • 0 safety flags in the past 20 rides.
  • No more than 1 cleanliness flag in the past 20 rides.

Read the full list of eligible vehicles, as of October 2023 here:

To keep users informed, Lyft has provided detailed information about these changes on its official support page, offering insights and guidance to navigate the transition seamlessly.

This transformation underscores Lyft’s commitment to evolving and adapting to the dynamic needs of its clientele while upholding its reputation for innovation within the ride-sharing industry.

While the retirement of Preferred and Lux rides may mark the end of an era for some Lyft users, the arrival of Extra Comfort promises a new chapter in luxury transportation, poised to redefine the benchmark for premium travel.

As Lyft paves the way for this significant shift, riders and drivers alike are eager to embrace the arrival of Extra Comfort and explore the heightened standards of excellence it promises to deliver.

Stay tuned for further updates and prepare to experience the future of premium rides with Lyft’s Extra Comfort mode.

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