Manitoba Commercial Drivers License Class 1 Practice Test 3

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Manitoba Class 1 Practice Test 3

A 20 question practice test to help prepare you for the Class 1 knowledge test in Manitoba

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If your speed increases too much while going down a hill, what should you do?

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How much stopping distance does a truck need compared to a normal car?

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The tallest your vehicle can be is?

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What might happen if the air lines are cross connected?

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What type of license do you need to driver a semi trailer?

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What does this square sign with a red circle mean?

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When backing up a to a trailer, align the 5th wheel slot with?

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This yellow diamond sign with a truck heading towards a road means?

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Where are the air brake chambers located?

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What should a trailer hand valve be used for?

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This yellow warning sign means what?

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When must a carrier check your driving record?

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In your daily log, you must record what?

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Which party is responsible for ensuring correct and compliant weight of a shipment?

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Which colour usually means the air line is a service line?

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Which statement is true of spring brakes?

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What is the best way to dry out your brakes after driving through water?

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Owners must have a licensed motor-vehicle inspector inspect each vehicle and trailer every?

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What does this sign mean?

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When towing a trailer, you will usually be able to tell if it is employing ABS by?

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We do our best to keep the questions current and accurate. The testing centres may change the questions on the knowledge tests at any time. Always be prepared for surprises.

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