Nova Scotia Commercial Drivers License Air Brakes Practice Test 5

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Nova Scotia Air Brakes Practice Test 5

A 20 question practice test to help prepare you for your air brakes knowledge test in Nova Scotia

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What is the first thing to look at when inspecting an air brake system?

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You should be looking for this when checking your brake chambers?

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What should you do when the air brakes low pressure warning comes on?

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Why are their two service tanks?

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If the outer layer of an airline is damaged, but the inner layer is ok, what should you do?

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When inspecting your brakes, you must?

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Where are the air brake chambers located?

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Test the low pressure alarm with the air pressure above __________.

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Spring brake controls are usually what color?

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The pushrod stroke occurs when compressed air enters the?

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The low air pressure warning device needs to be replaced or adjusted if it does not trigger at a minimum level of?

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A warning system must alert the driver when the pressure drops below?

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A vehicle should have wheel chocks or blocks securing it in place during inspection if...?

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What is not a factor in how well your air brake system works?

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Which of these is not part of an air brake system?

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When you are testing your spring brakes, the test is considered a success when?

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What is the best way to inspect an air compressor?

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When brakes become overheated they also become?

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What is the most frequent reason a vehicle is removed from service?

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What is an ABS system?

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