Who can I hold responsible for an accident with a large truck?

Large truck accidents can be incredibly scary and put you at a higher risk of a fatal traffic accident. Once you’ve been in a horrific large truck crash that wasn’t your fault, you should speak to an attorney to help you justify your claim for a settlement. Read more here to learn how an attorney can help your case. You may have severe injuries like lacerations, burn wounds, and broken bones. This can set you back financially when you have to take time off from work and pay for highly expensive medical bills. When this is the case, get your lawyer to help you obtain fair compensation for your damages. 

Who Pays For My Settlement?

In most cases, you will receive a settlement from the truck company’s insurer rather than the truck driver. The trucking company will use their business insurance to take care of any liability for their employee’s mistakes. Your attorney will negotiate with the truck company’s insurer to come to a resolution regarding how much you should receive for your settlement. 

How Can A Truck Driver Be Held Liable?

When the truck driver is at fault, your attorney must use proof to show how they are responsible for your wounds. 

Breaking FMCSA Laws

When truck drivers ignore FMCSA laws and skip obligated breaks, they become too tired and drowsy to operate their vehicles. Drowsiness can cause truck drivers to make erroneous decisions behind the wheel, making them liable for accidents they caused. 

Under The Influence

If a truck driver was abusing a substance while driving their truck, this can also make them responsible for any damages that they caused. Substance abuse of any kind isn’t tolerated according to traffic law and company policy. 


When a truck driver breaks traffic laws, this puts everyone at risk of a terrible accident. Trucks are extremely heavy vehicles that carry greater weight when they hit nearby vehicles. Additionally, when speeding, trucks take longer to slow down. Truckers that speed far beyond the legal limit can make them responsible for causing an accident.

Aggressive Driving

Sometimes truckers get upset at drivers around them, or they are commonly reckless drivers. They may sway in and out of their lane, travel in lanes not designated for them, or cut drivers off needlessly. If the truck driver was aggressive and was the cause of your accident, you can explain to your attorney how the accident occurred. 

What If It’s Not The Truck Drivers Fault?

The truck driver may not be the reason why you got into a bad accident. It may have been because of another party or employee. 

Improperly Loaded Trailer

Trucking companies are required to properly load and inspect each vehicle before they leave the warehouse. When trucks are not loaded correctly, the products they carry can cause the truck to wobble and sway. This increases the risk of a horrible accident. 

Poorly Maintained Roads

Truck accidents can happen when there are obstacles on the road that prevent safe driving. There could be potholes, uneven pavement, and rundown areas on the highway that make it dangerous for trucks and other drivers to pass through. 

Negligent Construction Company

Construction companies can also be the cause of bad accidents because of neglectful construction workers. They may have left an area open and not blocked off, exposing drivers to a dangerous area that is being worked on. Other issues include tools, materials, and items that get in the way of drivers who are unable to get past these obstacles without getting into a serious crash. 

If I Know The Truck Driver Is Fully Or Partially At Fault For My Injuries, What Should I Do?

Before taking action or making a decision, speak to a truck accident attorney. They can direct you on what to do next after you’ve been injured. Truck accident attorneys will investigate the crash you experienced and find out all the details of how it happened, and also dig up evidence to help prove that you are not at fault. With their help, you can receive a fair settlement that includes all of the damages you are owed.