Resources for Rideshare Drivers

Find the tools you need to help you maximize your success as a rideshare driver in Canada!

The "Ride" Tool For The Job

Rideshare driving seems simple right? Get a request, pick up the rider, drop them off at their destination…

There are ways to make a rideshare drivers life much easier. 

For instance, apps that help you navigate through busy streets, track your expenses, and switch between driver apps. 

Or, products like dashcams which can help you back up a claim if you are involved in an accident. 

Tips and strategies

The best way to drive is to drive smart. Know your market, know your riders. 

If you are looking for the tips and strategies to help keep you successful and profitable on the road, look no further. 

We are always looking for new ways to increase profits and keep you efficient on the road. 

If you have any tips we missed, feel free to share them with us and we will post your referral link in our preferred driver section!

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Safety First, eh?

Driving safe is important for both you and your passenger. We want you to arrive alive, so we put together some ways to help keep safety at the front of your mind while on the road. 


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Must Have Rideshare Apps


Uber Driver

The Uber Driver have is heart and soul of the driver experience. Use this app to accept rides with Uber.

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Lyft Driver

If you want to become a Lyft Driver, you will need to download this app. The Lyft Driver app will allow you to accept rides.

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TappCar Driver

The Tappcar Driver app connects you with all of the services that TappCar has to offer. Use this app to connect with riders in Alberta.

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The Mystro app allows you to switch quickly between rideshare driver apps. This helps you track and accept rides from multiple platforms.

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Waze is an amazing community-based GPS navigation app. Real-time traffic and road conditions keep you saving time and money.

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QB: Mileage Tracker

This app assists in tracking expenses and will also track kilometers based on GPS coordinates.

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Popular Tools for Rideshare Drivers


Garmin 45 Dashcam

The Garmin 45 features collision and lane departure warnings as well as alerts for red light and speed cameras. All packaged in on sleek discreet looking camera.


Vanture X1 Rear Cam

Although technically a dashcam, this camera includes a rotating mount which will allow for a seat facing camera feed. This can help rideshare drivers back up passenger complaint issues.


Essential Roadside Safety Kit

A good roadside emergency kit is essential for any driver. This kit in particular features tools for car repair and towing, as well as personal safety items such as an emergency blanket and medical kit.

Accepted Car Lists

Most economy service types, like UberX or TappCar, will accept any vehicle built within the last 7-10 years (with a few exceptions).

The luxury and high capacity service types have a select list of vehicles which qualify for operation. Find out which car you will need for your desired service type!

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