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Find the tools you need to help you maximize your success as a rideshare driver in Canada!

Rideshare Driver Resources

Must Have Rideshare Apps
Tools For Rideshare Drivers
Accepted Car Lists

The “Ride” Tool For The Job

Rideshare driving seems simple right? Get a request, pick up the rider, drop them off at their destination…

There are ways to make a rideshare drivers life much easier.

For instance, apps that help you navigate through busy streets, track your expenses, and switch between driver apps.

Or, products like dashcams which can help you back up a claim if you are involved in an accident or if a customer makes a complaint against you.

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Must Have Rideshare Apps

Uber Driver

The Uber Driver have is heart and soul of the driver experience. Use this app to accept rides with Uber.

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Lyft Driver

If you want to become a Lyft Driver, you will need to download this app. The Lyft Driver app will allow you to accept rides.

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TappCar Driver

The Tappcar Driver app connects you with all of the services that TappCar has to offer. Use this app to connect with riders in Alberta.

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The Mystro app allows you to switch quickly between rideshare driver apps. This helps you track and accept rides from multiple platforms.

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Waze is an amazing community-based GPS navigation app. Real-time traffic and road conditions keep you saving time and money.

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QB: Mileage Tracker

This app assists in tracking expenses and will also track kilometers based on GPS coordinates.

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Popular Tools for Rideshare Drivers

Vantrue N2 Dual Lens Dash Cam

This High-Def dash cam turns on and off when you start the car and records both the inside of the car and out the front. It is packed with features like night vision and audio recording to protect you from bad drivers on the road and issues with passengers in the back.

Essential Roadside Safety Kit

A good roadside emergency kit is essential for any driver. This kit in particular features tools for car repair and towing, as well as personal safety items such as an emergency blanket and medical kit.

PowaPod Backseat Charger

This cool phone charger is able to connect three types of devices and hangs off the headrest to give backseat passengers easy access. Passenger surveys have shown that having amenities like a charging station increase tips and ratings.

Apeman Front & Rear Dash Cam

An affordable option, this dash cam records both the front and rear of your vehicle. It has a built in feature to save the video files if it detects a crash and is also equipped with night vision recording ability.

Rideshare Accepted Vehicle Lists

UberX, XL, SELECT, and Others

Full accepted car list for UberSELECT with examples of acceptable vehicles for UberX and UberXL.

Lyft Premier, Lux, and Lux SUV

Complete vehicle lists for Lyfts luxury services Premier, Lux, and Lux SUV

InstaRyde Platinum and Platinum XL

Find out if your vehicle qualifies for InstaRyde’s answer to Lyft and Uber’s higher end service types.

Helpful Rideshare Links

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