Uber 12 Hour Limit: Canada and US Introduce Rule for Drivers

Uber has announced a new rule that will force drivers to go offline after 12 hours of consecutive driving. Once Uber drivers reach that 12 hour limit they will need to go offline for 6 hours to get some rest.

New Uber feature to force drivers to take a break after 12 straight hours – CTV News

This represents a marked departure from Uber’s hands-off approach to its drivers, with no scheduled shifts or minimum requirements. In fact, most Uber partners work less than 15 hours a week in Canada. The idea is being heralded as an important step towards road safety. The Ministry of Transportation has found that 26% of serious and fatal accidents are a result of drowsiness and fatigue.

According to Alex Kelly, director of Vision Zero Advocate Institute:

“Applying technology as a solution to help address something like drowsy driving is an important opportunity to not only protect the Uber driver-partner and rider community, but also do their part to contribute to a safer transportation system.”

Drivers must now follow the Uber 12 Hour Limit rule.

So How Does The New 12-hour Uber Limit Rule work?

The app will notify drivers when they have two hours, one hour and 30 minutes left. Then, it will automatically take you offline for at least 6 hours. 

Only drive time counts towards the 12 hour total. If you are online and parked for over a minute you are considered resting. This resting time will not count towards your 12 hour limit.

Uber tested this feature in select cities throughout the US and Australia last fall. It January Uber rolled it out in the UK and in early February it was across the entire US. 

For drivers in Toronto and soon Ottawa, they have the option to simply switch platforms to avoid this issue. Something they are likely doing all day anyways. Lyft currently has as similar 12 hour rule. With Lyft you can actually drive 14 hours before having to take a 6 hour break. The company will likely adjust its policy in Canada to be align with Uber. So far there have been no announcements yet and Lyft has not commented on Uber’s move. 

Some reports in the US say that if you log off for 5 minutes then the time resets. There are conflicting accounts that say drivers can’t drive for more than 12 hours in day total, not consecutively. Various regions have specific rules which are similar to those in place for taxi drivers and truck drivers.

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