Calculate Your Driver Pay With The Uber Fare Calculator

Have you been trying to figure out if Uber has paid you correctly? Trying to understand how they calculate your fare? Introducing our Uber Fare Calculator for Driver Pay.

It is often frustrating when you complete a fare and the pay just doesn’t look quite right. Maybe Uber took off too much commission or didn’t apply the right surge multiplier correctly. With our Uber Calculator, just plug in the fare information and it does the work for you.

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How to Use the Uber Calculator for Driver Pay

Do you know the rates Uber offers in your city? If not, open this page in a separate window to refer to when using the calculator below. Simply enter the city name in both the pick up and drop off location and a list of Uber services will appear. You will find the rates when you click on the service type you are driving.

For our Canadian drivers, you can find the rates and other helpful information on our Rideshare Guide page or by using the same method as described above.

Now that you have the Uber rates of pay handy, you can begin using the Uber calculator below. Simply type in all the trip information and you will get your total below!

You don’t need to enter any symbols, just the numbers and decimals if applicable.

Please note that this calculator is for informational purposes only. Please contact us with any issues you experience with the calculations.

Communication and Phone Mounts

Safety on the road is paramount, and a sturdy phone mount is a must-have for drivers who rely on navigation apps or need hands-free communication. Look for mounts that attach securely to the dashboard or windshield and are adjustable to accommodate different phone sizes.

Uber Driver Pay – How it Works

Uber driver pay is calculated per trip using a variety of factors. In order to understand our Uber Calculator, we have broken down exactly how Uber driver pay works. 

Below is an example of Uber pay rates. Can you guess what Uber service and city these rates are from?

Base Fare

Wait Time


Travel Time

Base Fare

First, there is the base fare. This is what your pay starts off at as soon as the trip begins, similar to a taxi meter. Remember when people took taxis? Uber will also add your travel time, wait time and distance to this base fare. 

Wait Time

Second, Uber will pay you if you arrive at the pick up location and have to wait longer than 2 minutes for your passenger to enter the vehicle. 

Distance Pay

Third, you are paid by distance traveled using a rate per km/mile. You are not paid to drive to pick up your rider, only from the pick up location where they enter your vehicle to their drop off location. 

Uber driver picking up a passenger
Travel Time

Finally, you are paid based on time. This can be helpful when you are stuck in traffic or driving a short distance on congested roads.

Minimum Fare

There is also something known as a minimum fare, which doesn’t need much explanation. No matter how far you drive someone, you at least get the minimum fare. This would be in the case where someone is only going one block, for example.


Uber Commission

Boosts Multiplier


The Uber Fee

After you add up your base fare, time and distance pay, Uber takes their commission off which is known as The Uber Fee. This is typically around 25% but depending on when you signed up and which city you are in, it could be vary. You can find out how much they take by looking at your contract in the app.

Uber Surge Pricing

Uber surge pricing is essentially a boost to your standard earnings. This is done using a multiplier advertised on the map inside your app. If you drive to the zone with a surge multiplier advertised, for example, 2.0, then your pay is doubled. The Uber fee does not apply to your extra money for surge. 

New Uber Surge Pricing Model

Uber is testing our a new surge pricing model in some cities right now. Instead of using a multiplier, they are adding straight monetary boosts to the map. So instead of seeing 2.0 for example, you will see $10 on the map, which is just added on to your pay. The Uber Fee does not come off your surge bonus, just your regular fare. 


Don’t forget you can also accept cash tips from your riders or they have the option to tip you in the app after the trip is complete. Uber does not take a cut of any of your tips.



Booking Fee

Sales Tax

Cooking/Food on the Go

For those who consider their rig their second home, cooking on the road is a necessity. A portable slow cooker or a reliable 12V microwave can turn their cabin into a culinary haven. Additionally, investing in a sturdy cooler or a mini-fridge can keep their snacks fresh and their beverages cool during those long hauls through the Great White North.

General drivers’ gift categories


If the trip takes you on to a highway that it tolled, you must first make sure the rider is okay with the route. If they are and the map states it is the best route, you can take it and Uber will reimburse you the cost of the toll.

The one thing you will not be reimbursed for is transponder fees. So if you don’t have a transponder, the highway will typically charge you an additional fee. Uber will not cover this cost. Your best bet is to purchase one if you are driving a lot. You can deduct it from your taxes as a business expense and maybe even use it for yourself now and then!


Some airports charge fees for Uber, taxis and limos to pick up and drop off at their terminals. The airports collect these fees from Uber in most cities. You may see it as a cost then a credit on your waybill.

Booking Fee

Riders pay for the booking fee that Uber charges on trips. Unfortunately, Uber keeps this fee so it is not included in the calculations. No need to enter it into the Uber calculator.

Sales Tax

Some jurisdictions charge sales tax. You will pay the sales tax to the government after the rider has passed the tax on to you.e Usually there will be “offsets” for drivers. This means that if you paid sales tax on expenses related to driving, you can deduct that amount from the sales tax you collected and are supposed to pay the government.

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