Uber Eats Driver Pay Calculator for Canada and USA

Have you ever wondered if your Uber Eats driver pay was correct? We have a calculator for that!

Some drivers end up feeling like their pay is incorrect and will feel frustrated. Sometimes the rate per minute is wrong, a drop off fee is missing or the boost pay is incorrect. 

In order to calculate your Uber Eats driver pay, we first need to know the Uber delivery pay rates in your area. Luckily, we have been gathering this information for each city across Canada and the US. You can check our city guides to find your Uber delivery pay rate below

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How to Use the Uber Eats Driver Pay Calculator

Enter the information below to calculate your Uber Eats pay for each delivery trip you make. If you think Uber has made an error, make sure you write down all the details for the trip and contact them using the in-app support. 

Enter the information in numbers only below. You do not need to include the $ sign or words like “per minute.” Just type in the numbers!

If your city has not switched to time based pay yet, just enter 0 in those fields. 

Now let’s get started checking your Uber Eats pay!

Please note that this calculator is for informational purposes only. Please contact uswith any issues you experience with the calculations. 

Uber Eats Driver Pay – How it Works

A variety of factors contribute to calculating your Uber Eats pay. You do not get paid by hour. First step to understanding your Uber Eats driver pay is finding the Uber delivery pay rates in your city which you can locate in our city guides.  

Below is an example of Uber delivery pay rates. Can you guess from what city?

$1.50/Pick up



$1.00/Drop off

Pick Up and Drop Off Pay

First, you are paid a fixed amount to pick up the order at the restaurant and another fixed amount to drop off the order to the customer. These are usually different rates. The reason why they are separate is because sometimes you get more than one order. In that case, you would only get paid one pick up fee and would be paid a drop off fee for each location you deliver to. 

Travel Time Pay

Second, you are paid based on the time you wait at the restaurant for the order to be prepared and deliver it to the customer. This is based on an algorithm Uber uses, so it won’t be the exact time it actually takes necessarily. Therefore, if you drive really slow, you won’t get more money! 

NOTE: Some cities have not yet converted to time pay but the trend seems to be spreading across North America. 

Distance Pay

Third, you get a fixed amount per kilometre/mile you travelled from the restaurant to the customer. You do not get paid for driving to the restaurant. Like the time based pay, Uber estimates the distance from the restaurant to the customer based on what they think the most efficient route is, so if you take the long way on purpose, you won’t get paid extra either.


Uber Commission

Boosts Multiplier


The Uber Fee

The next thing you need to know is that after you add up all 4 pay rates listed above (pick up fee, drop off fee, distance and time fees) you will get your gross pay. Part of your pay passes on to Uber in the form of a commission. Know as the “Uber Fee”. 

This typically ranges from 5% – 35% of your gross trip pay. The rate depends on a couple of factors, for example your city. If you signed up when they first launched in your town, they might take a lower commission from you then they take from new drivers that sign up. 

The commission is typically lower for bike couriers than it is for car drivers. It also tends to be lower if you drive any passenger transportation service with Uber, like UberX or XL. However, the boosts are usually lower as well. 

Boost Pay

Increased earning opportunities called Boosts pop up when a delivery zone is busy. You will be able to see them on the map when you open up the driver app. If an area advertises a 1.5 boost for example, you get an extra 50% bonus of your gross pay. The Uber Fee does not apply to your boost pay, it is all yours!


Don’t forget you can also accept cash tips at the door or customers can tip you in the app after the order is complete. Uber does not take a cut of any of your tips. 

Uber Deliver Pay Rates

As we have discussed, the Uber delivery pay rates vary by city. You will need to know these amounts before using the calculator. Don’t worry, we have compiled the rates for Uber Eats driver pay in each city. 

Open your city guide in a separate tab or write them down so you can enter them in the calculator below. You can also find them in your app where your contract is or at the end of a trip on the earnings summary page.

Click on your country below to find out the
Uber delivery pay rate for your city

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