Uber Eats NYC Driver Guide to Pay and Requirements

Updated 2019 – Are you interested in becoming an Uber Eats driver in NYC? Or are you already driving and just want to see how the fares work? We break down the Uber Eats NYC requirements to get started and the sign up process for new drivers. We also dive into exactly how the Uber Eats NYC pay works. You can even try our new calculator to make sure you were compensated appropriately for a delivery trip.

If you aren’t familiar with the service, basically you work as a food courier with Uber’s delivery platform Uber Eats. Using your smartphone, you get an alert when you go online in the driver app to pick up an order at a nearby restaurant and deliver it to a hungry customer. You are completely independent and can choose to work whenever you want, for however long you want.

Let’s show you how you get paid and the steps to get started. 

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Ways to Deliver in New York City

Currently, Uber Eats NYC drivers can only be accepted if you have a car or bicycle. Scooter applications are not being accepted right now. There is an option after sign up as a cyclists, to switch to become an Uber Eats walker which is currently only available in NYC. It is exactly what it sounds like. You can pick up food and deliver it on foot, within a reasonable distance between the restaurant and the customer. 

Uber Eats walkers are unique to NYC but the company is always experimenting with different ideas so you could see it other densely populated cities soon.

Uber Eats NYC Pay

Uber Eats NYC pay is calculated using a combination of 3 factors: pick up, drop off and distance. You are paid per trip not per hour.

In NYC the pay for Uber Eats is divided up into different areas instead of one city-wide rate. Here are the rates in each of the 4 zones.

Uber Eats Pay in NYC

$2.00/Pick up


$1.00/Drop off

Uber Eats Pay in Westchester/Naussau

$3.50/Pick up


$1.50/Drop off

Uber Eats Pay in Suffolk

$2.00/Pick up


$0.60/Drop off

Uber Eats Pay in Hamptons

$4.50/Pick up


$2.00/Drop off

How Does it Work?

First of all, you will be paid a flat fee to pick up the food and a flat fee to drop off the food. 

Pay also includes a fixed amount per mile travelled from the restaurant to the customer. Unfortunately, you are typically not paid to travel to the restaurant. 

Uber Eats - US - 5

Commissions and Extra Pay

Even more important to know is Uber takes a commission from the pay outlined above. This is known as “The Uber Fee”, or Commission, which can be anywhere from 5% – 35% depending on when you signed up, method of delivery and if you also drive UberX or another passenger service. If you drive passengers as well, it is usually 10% lower. In some cities, Uber will also lower the commission to entice new drivers. 

During peak times Uber may offer a pay “boost”. This is where Uber uses a multiplier to increase your earnings. If an in-demand delivery area advertises a multiplier, like 1.6, then your pay is multiplied by 1.6 and therefore increased by 60%. The Uber commission is only applied to your initial fare, not the boost payment.

You can always accept cash tips or the customer can tip in the app.


Uber Commission

Boosts Multiplier


Uber Eats NYC Pay Calculations

With all these commissions, boosts, and compensation factors, it can get a bit confusing to calculate your pay. Although Uber does it for you, it is helpful to check your trip earnings for errors. Sometimes they are way off on the distance or the boost pay isn’t quite right. Maybe their commission seems too high?

We have your covered! Try our NEW Uber Eats Pay Calculator. Just enter all rates for your city (found above) and the Driver Pay Calculator will do the work for you!

Once you do a couple trips, you can see how long they take and even calculate what you are making per hour.

How much will I make per hour?

Uber Eats Ann Arbor driver pay is estimated to be between $12 – $20 per hour. 
Average pay depends on demand, zone, boosts, tips, and even the day and time.

How do multiple orders work?

Sometimes you will get a second or even third request to pick up an order at the same restaurant. Pay works essentially the same, except you will get an additional drop off fee for each delivery. Unfortunately you only get one pickup fee. 

How do I get paid?

Method of Pay

Direct Deposit

Frequency of pay

Weekly unless you are eligible to sign up with Instant Pay to get paid daily if you want

Bonuses & Incentives

Incentive Programs

Yes. They can include incentives like a $3 bonus every trip completed in a particular area, like downtown. This is in addition to the boosts described above.

Hourly Guarantee or Standby Fee

For the most part, Uber does not offer hourly guarantees or standby fees for waiting online.

Referral Bonuses

Yes, so long as the new driver completes the required number of trips. Bonuses typically range from $50-$500.

Starting Bonus?

Yes, if you use an existing driver’s referral code. You usually have to complete a minimum number of trips within a certain time frame to be eligible.

Uber Eats NYC Requirements

There are no formal interviews or orientations to get started. To get a job you just have to meet the minimum Uber Eats NYC Requirements which are:

  • 19 years old or older (or at least 18 years old if cycling)
  • 2-door or 4-door car 20 years old or newer
  • Valid driver’s license for drivers (if cycling, a piece of state-issued photo ID)
  • Valid vehicle insurance and registration (car drivers only)
  • Criminal background check
  • Driving history check for car drivers
  • Smartphone with data

Uber Eats NYC Map

Delivery zones in NYC are divided up into two different areas, those that bicycles can deliver and those that cars deliver in. Cars can delivery in the same zone as cyclists. 

uber eats nyc bicycle delivery area map
*Uber Eats NYC Bicycle Delivery Zone Map
*Uber Eats NYC Car Delivery Zone Map

Sign Up Process

Step 1: Visit their website, download and sign up through their Driver app for Androidor Iphone.

Use a friend’s referral code or help support our site by using ours: g4j6h654ue. You can also click on this link.

Step 2: Upload the required documents.

Step 3: Wait for Uber to review your information and notify you when you have been activated.

Step 4: Download the Uber Driver app if you haven’t already done so.

Step 5: Finally, log into the app and go online whenever you want to start accepting delivery requests!


Do I need an insulated delivery bag? 

Bags are not mandatory but they sure help. You can by one through their supplier for approximately $11.25 including shipping. It is important to note, some restaurants may not allow you to pickup an order without a bag, particularly when delivering pizzas. Either way, the cost is pretty low. For cyclists, the cost is around $40.

Are there scheduled shifts?

No. Just log in to the app and go online. You will then begin to receive “Pings”, which are on-demand requests for deliveries. Accept or decline requests and log off whenever you want! Uber states you must keep a satisfactory acceptance rate or you will be deactivate but there are conflicting reports about this actually happening.

Are there a minimum number of deliveries I need to do to stay active on the platform?

No, but if your documents expire you will need to upload new ones (for example, insurance) before you can start driving again. 

Is there an orientation, interview or “onboarding” session?

No, everything is done online or you can you go the Greenlight Hub closest to you to sign up or get help if you need it!

How do multiple orders work?

Sometimes you will pick up more than one order at the same time from the same restaurant. In this case, everything remains the same except you get a drop-off fee for each location you deliver to. Of course, you will be paid the extra kilometres you drive and the extra time it takes but you will only be paid one pickup fee.

What happens if the customer doesn’t answer the door when I arrive?

Contact the customer by phone first. If they don’t answer, a timer will start and after 5-8 minutes you can leave and will still get paid the full fare. You can keep the food too! 

Contact Information

Uber support twitter: Uber_support
Uber Help Center: Help Center
Ubereats support number: 1-800-617-1979 (for drivers currently on deliveries)
Uber support number: 1-800-593-7069 (only for current drivers)

You can also access the phone number in your Driver App. Note: This will bring you to the main Uber support number and they may re-direct you to the Ubereats support number. 

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