Uber Flex Pay, Daily Pay and Instant Pay: How it Works

Typically Uber drivers are paid weekly by direct deposit. However, for some drivers that may be struggling to make ends meet or have an unexpected expense come up, there are ways to get paid faster using Uber Flex Pay, Daily Pay or Instant Pay.

You may have heard of different types of pay options depending on the city you are in. This article touches on the different services offered in both the US and Canada. These include:

So what’s the difference between all these Uber pay systems? Is it just branding? Not quite.

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Flex Pay in Canada and USA

Uber Flex Pay is an option that allows Uber drivers to cash out their earnings within 2 business days in Canada. Flex Pay in the US usually processes within 1 business day. 

You can transfer payment to your bank account once per day. The most you can cash out with Uber Flex Pay is $1,800 per week.

What is the cost of Flex Pay? Nothing, it is free! Unlike the other faster pay options, there is no charge to cash out with Uber Flex Pay.

The deadline to request a payout with Flex Pay is Monday at 4:00am in Canada and midnight in the US. If you don’t initiate a transfer by then, your earnings from the previous week will be processed normally, paid to you on your scheduled day by direct deposit. 

If you request a payout on the weekend or a holiday, it won’t process until the next business day. 

Eligibility for Uber Flex Pay

Some places are still testing Uber Flex Pay out by offering it in select cities or to a sample of drivers in each city. You will receive a notification in the app if Flex Pay is available for you and possibly even an e-mail. In order to be eligible for Uber Flex Pay you must:

  • have completed at least 25 trips; and
  • your account has been active for 14 days since your first trip. 
screenshot uber driver app flex pay

You are not eligible for Uber Flex Pay if:

  • your account is under review for a security risk; or
  • you’re enrolled with Instant Pay or Daily Pay with Payfare;
  • you currently pay vehicle financing or have garnishments (US).

If you want to use Uber Flex Pay instead of Instant Pay you must cancel Instant or Daily Pay before you get access to Uber Flex Pay.  

How to Setup Uber Flex Pay

Setting up Uber Flex is very simple. It should already be connected to your bank account that is used for weekly earnings paid by direct deposit. Just follow these 4 easy steps:

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right corner, then go to the Earnings tab. 
  • Tap the Blue cash out button 
  • You will see your balance and where it will be deposited to – make sure everything is correct
  • Click “Confirm Cashout”

If you don’t see that blue Confirm Cashout button, then you are not eligible for Uber Flex.

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Uber Instant Pay – US

Uber Instant Pay is a faster way to get your earnings as an Uber driver vs with Uber Flex. With Uber Instant Pay, you can cash out up to 5 times a day and the money is instantly transferred to the debit card you have hooked up to your account. 

Most drivers in the US are eligible for Uber Instant Pay once they complete their first trip and hooked up their debit card. With some banks, unfortunately your payout won’t be instant and could take a couple business days. The list of US banks that cause delays in payouts with Uber Instant Pay are:

  • UBOC
  • H&R Block
  • First Citizens
  • Amegy
  • California Bank and Trust
  • First National Bank of Omaha
  • Webster Bank
  • BOKF
  • Silicon Valley Bank
  • Northern Trust
  • Bank of New York Mellon

The cost to use Uber Instant Pay is $0.50 per payout plus anything your bank charges you, so check with them first to see if there are applicable fees on their end. 

If you have an Uber Visa Debit card from GoBank, there are no fees to use Instant Pay. To learn more about the Uber credit card, visit this link

How to Setup Uber Instant Pay: US

Before you get started setting up Instant pay, make sure you have completed at least 1 trip as an Uber driver. Have your debit card handy too. 

Here is a quick video to show you how to set up Instant Pay for Uber drivers in the US. 

Uber Instant / Daily Pay with Payfare – Canada

Similar to Instant Pay in the US, Daily Pay allows you to cash out your Uber driver earnings 5 times a day. Uber also calls this Instant Pay interchangeably depending where you look. 

Once you sign up for Uber Daily Pay with Payfare, you will get a Mastercard shipped to you. When you cash out your earnings it transfers onto your card and you have several options, including: 

  • Use the card for purchases anywhere MasterCard is accepted worldwide
  • Cash the money out (withdraw) at any ATM
  • Send money via Interac e-Transfer
  • Pay bills online
  • Keep your money on the card

The cost to use Uber Daily Pay with Payfare is $0.50 per cash out. If your earnings are less than $20 that day, then it is free. There are no sign-up or recurring fees however there is a $2.50 charge to get cash from an ATM. 

Payfare also comes with some perks for Uber drivers. You will have access to roadside assistance for free! The services include: 

  • towing (up to 25 km), jump start
  • lock-out
  • tire change
  • winching
  • fuel delivery
  • flatbed service (if required).

Note: Not every Canadian city and not all Uber drivers have access to Daily Pay with Payfare. 

How to Sign Up for Uber Instant Pay / Daily Pay with Payfare

Signing up for Uber Daily / Instant Pay is pretty straightforward. You can sign up with Payfare, the company that administers the payments one of the following ways:

  • in person at a Greenlight Hub 
  • Online with Payfare

For more info on signing up for Daily Pay with Payfare in Canada check out the Payfare website or Uber’s FAQ on Instant Pay for more information. 

You can also call Payfare at 1-800-719-2685 or e-mail them at support@payfare.com

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