Uber Toronto Airport Help for Drivers: Lyft and UberX YYZ Pickups

Uber & Lyft drivers are now welcome at the Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) for pickups. Prior to June 12, 2018 only taxi or limo drivers (those with a Livery License) were allowed to pick up passengers at the Toronto Airport. 

This meant only Uber Black, Uber SUV, Lyft Lux and Lyft Black drivers were able to do pick ups at YYZ. All drivers, including UberX and regular Lyft drivers, were always able to drop off passengers at the Toronto airport terminals. 

Now there are UberX YYZ pickups and Lyft rides too!

This is only a pilot project but many drivers and passengers are hoping it will remain a permanent arrangement at the airport. Officials at the Toronto Airport said Lyft and UberX Toronto Airport pick ups are being tested due to overwhelming demand from travelers. 

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Uber Toronto Airport (Pearson: YYZ)

Learning about Uber Toronto Airport pickups can be a confusing process for drivers. Unlike driving around in the city for a ride request, Uber YYZ pickups have specific rules while on the Pearson airport property. The most important being you must go straight to the designated waiting lots. 

Uber Toronto Airport Ride Requests

Uber uses something called a First In First Out (FIFO) process for dispatching ride requests to drivers. This means that the first driver in the designated waiting lot will be the first driver to receive a ping. You must be in the designated waiting lot to be placed in the FIFO queue. 

If you turn off the app or go offline, refuse multiple pings, leave the waiting lot or cancel multiple rides, you will lose your place in the queue. Don’t worry, if a passenger cancels on you, you will remain at the top of the queue.

If there are no drivers in the lot, pings will go to nearby drivers. It doesn’t matter how close you are to the terminal, it all depends on the order that you arrive in the waiting lot. 

UberX Toronto Airport Waiting Lot

UberX and UberXL drivers have a different waiting area than Uber BLACK and Uber SUV drivers.  

Unfortunately for Uber SELECT drivers, all SELECT ride requests at YYZ are currently going to Uber BLACK drivers right now. 

The UberX & UberXL waiting lot is located at 3 Jetliner Road, at the corner of Jetliner Road & Silver Dart Drive (purple square).

For a better visual, see the Lyft Map

Uber Toronto Airport Waiting Lot: Uber BLACK & SUV Drivers

For Uber Black and Uber SUV drivers, the waiting lot is located at 6340-1 Silver Dart Drive (green square). 

For a better visual description, see the Lyft Map. 

If you are an Uber BLACK driver, you may want to adjust the settings in your app to allow for SELECT requests as they will only come to you at the airport.

UberX Toronto Airport Pickup Locations

The YYZ pickups for UberX also happen in a different spot then Uber BLACK requests. 

UberX & UberXL drivers will pick up passengers at: 

  • Terminal 1: Ground Level, Door Q (Inner Curb)
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals Level, Zone 3 (Outer Curb)

Look for a BLUE curb.

Uber Toronto Airport Pickup Locations for Uber BLACK & SUV Drivers

Uber Black & Uber SUV drivers will pick up passengers at: 

  • Terminal 1: Arrivals Level, Curbside Door A
  • Terminal 3: Arrivals Level, Curbside Column 9
Uber Black Toronto Airport Pick ups map

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Lyft Toronto Airport (Pearson: YYZ)

Lyft drivers will use the same waiting lots as Uber drivers so you can keep both your apps on. Depending on if you have a livery license (typically Lyft LUX Black or Black XL drivers), then you would wait where Uber Black and Uber SUV cars wait which is at 6340-1 Silver Dart Drive

If you are a Lyft or LyftXL driver you will go to the waiting lot is located at 3 Jetliner Road, at the corner of Jetliner Road & Silver Dart Drive.

Have a look at Lyft’s map, which is much more detailed compared to the Uber map. 

uber toronto airport pick up map

The pickup areas are: 

Terminal 1: Arrivals level (ground level), inner curb between posts P3 through Q1 
(Doors P & Q, Zones 1 – 4)

Terminal 3: Arrivals level (ground level), outer curb between posts C14 through C30 
(Doors D, Zones 1 – 3)

Follow the directions in the app to find the exact pickup location. 

Pay attention to signage and airport staff instructions and remember don’t use taxi or limo stands unless you have a livery license.  

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